Some Bonds Never Die



This morning I woke up several times with a very strong sense that a certain person was thinking about me, and very intensely and it was a bout not just the physical, but wanting real intimacy.  

In a way I still l am trying to wrap my head around the fact that after all this time that psychic connection is still there, still strong.  I also was surprised since I am very vocal, no holding back on FB about my views on pretty much everything and I have no intention of becoming a liberal progressive anytime in my lifetime, rather the opposite and hoping to get us free of government involvement in our lives and much more reliance on community, and the private sector for education, for everything.  Since this person is a sadly die hard liberal progressive, I find it interesting and also beautiful that in spite of my being quite blunt, honest in my views, even in regards to his views etc.. on stuff, we still have this strong psychic bond.  

I suppose as an empath and such, there are certain bonds that once made will never die, and I have a handful of those.  It is a beautiful thing, but at the same time, I have to step back when all this connection is happening, to assess what is going on, what  is necessary  in terms of my meditating, the experience holistically and what do do with it.  Though this particular person is not now in my life, and is if my instincts are correct making changes to his life, including legally, which should finalize by the end of the month, he may be thinking about approaching me, coming back into my life.  I am open to accepting that and seeing where it goes, but both of us would have to really get baggage free, and the past fully left in the past.  The past is an old movie, a lesson to be taken away from, but it can’t be the present or the future.  When people are still connected psychically, intuitively, and they come back into each other’s life, they have to do it baggage free, toxic cords free.  I have had the instinct to meditate on release from myself and those i have connection to of all things toxic, includes situations, patterns, emotions.  I will keep doing so.  I truly marvel at the fact that nearly two decades and this connection, though we have not seen each other in two years I think and had had a stretch of time not seeing each other before that, and then had an encounter to talk stuff out, is still so strong on a psychic intuitive level.   It is lovely gift, whatever our worldview differences are.  I consider these connections a gift, even if sometimes the intensity of the other person and what they feel is a bit well intense.  Still, I have learned to breathe through it and see what I am to meditate on, let go of, help them let go of as well.  Should this person or any person I have a solid strong connection to wish to come into my life to pursue friendship etc… or even creative collaboration, they are welcome, but baggage free as much as possible please.  I do believe in the power of meditation, prayer and affirmation to bring that about for one’s self and others.

Namaste, Shalom and Amen