The past few years this journey we call life has left me run down and tired, with moments where I don’t feel inspired at all, no song comes to me, nothing.  With my mom being in her late 90’s the past two years that have just been a roller coaster medically, financially, in every way due to the Fibromyalgia and the isolation it can create in your life, I have had times of wondering if I were to be gone tomorrow would I be mourned and what of my legacy in this life?  How many people would be at my wake I wonder?  Sounds morbid, but with time, you think about the journey and not just the physical, but also the spiritual.  I am now thinking about what I need to do with my life going forward, not that I have a perfect plan worked out just yet, but it’s important, not in a macabre way, but in a philosophical way about one’s legacy, one’s memory in the world once they are gone.  Not easy stuff to reflect on periodically, even briefly, but I do need to think about what will I leave behind, and how will I have impacted the world, even my community at the very least. I will continue the journey, moving through every storm form faith.