Some days re better than others and it’s easy to get discouraged, think it can never get better.  If we believe that, if we allow ourselves to believe that, then it won’t.  We can pray and meditate till the sun don’t shine anymore, but unless we have a firm belief that following the guidance of the Holy Spirit day to day it will, then those shackles will never come off.  Today I got myself up, and got out of bed even though I didn’t have the best sleep and I got myself to Life Center Church, a few blocks from my home.  I prayed in faith that the clarity I have received of His will for me as an artiste and artistic minister to be given the opportunity to realize that path and earn my daily bread.  Yes, there are days when I don’t think I will achieve it due to the Fibromyalgia, but I have learned to not get in a tizzy about tomorrow so much and do my best to focus on what I need to do today, whether it’s rest and pray or something else the Lord guides me to do.  Each day I look for a blessing, even if it’s the fact that I got out of bed not aching everywhere or taking a walk in the cool of night.  Yes,  some days are better than others, but life is a journey through a garden, which has beautiful blossoms, roses perhaps, but even those roses have thorns.  I try to appreciate the rose, and handle it carefully so I don’t get pricked by the thorns.  If I should get pricked, well, I’ll learn what I need to learn from that and move forward, firmly, hand and hand with Christ.