Sometimes Alone Just Happens, Is

Life and Liberty, God Bless America
The light shines within., going out in connection to the Divine Creator.


There are moments when you look at life, your life and certain things stare you in the face.  They leap out at you, like it or not.

You see all the times you have reached out, especially when as an intuitive, empath you felt a strong connection to others, have done so with arms wide open, sincere heart of friendship offered.  You also see that at the end of it all you stand alone like that lone beacon, that lone distant lighthouse and though it is not the way you would want to practice your artistic craft, life your artistic, creative life etc…, it seems that is what life holds for you.  What do you do when you find that happening, when after having reached out in life over and over again, heart on your sleeve artistically and in friendship you find yourself a lone lighthouse?  You might find a twinge of sadness present, and that’s okay and you might think about putting up lots of walls and never connecting to anyone again, natural to think that, but for an artist, that would mean lots of potential inspiration lost.   What do you do?  You work on projects that are solo acts, you join artistic groups on meet up maybe and work on projects, you work on your own stuff with love and gusto, you yourself open to connecting to really good people, great people, even if when you  reach out, seek to build a friendship and collaborative creative awesome all you find is empty space at the other end or lots of rhetoric and no action.  You just keep working on your craft and don’t put a whole lot of expectations into other people ahead of time, or when you reach out.

Some might wonder if I regret that I wear my heart on my sleeves, that I reach out? I have to say my feelings are mixed and the answer is yes and no.  I find it natural that if I make a connection on a creative level or a psychic consciousness level I would reach out and build on that immediately, seek to know that person better, seek to bring them into my day to day activity socially etc…  I don’t regret that I have that viewpoint, don’t regret that.  I suppose what I regret is the disappointment of the other person not seeing the potential I see for the connection and for it not being mutually pursued, nurtured etc..  My regret is that the other person doesn’t see the enormous potential, which is where the frustration and sadness comes for me.  I realize that all I can do is be me, and being me means being a spitfire, a ball of fire, tenacious and passionate about my artistic works and ideas etc.., about wanting to nurture connections I feel have great potential.  Though the past few days I have to say I am starting to think that perhaps I should not be so tenacious and that I should leave things be, let go and accept being that lone lighthouse on the hill and focus on shinning my light as brightly as I can to the world, that lone star in the dark of night, that lone lighthouse on the hill.  Not the way I would like it to be, but you can only reach out so much and so many times in life before you get tired of reaching out.  I may have reached that very point, that point of tired of reaching out as an artist, in friendship and nothing reaching back, just empty space.