Spiritual Awakening, Process


Everyone wants to be enlightened, aware, and hopefully very wise, have right priorities, hope so anyway.  Often that road to really getting it, really understanding priorities, what really matters, a true union with the Creator, with the Divine, Holy, Sacred and those principles of life day to day do not come easily.  Often it starts with feeling lost, that waking up one day, looking around and going how did I get here?  How did I get so far off my original goals, path, hopes, dreams, family, my authentic self?  When that hits naturally or through a crisis in life, it is initially a dark night.  Then there is a stirring to do something, what, one may not be sure, but a true path never is one where you destroy self and others.  It is one where you question and go into stage three, seeking, seeking answers, truth, deeper meaning to life, living, relationships etc..  Then you do the really hard part, really look in the mirror, see when people say the Holy Scriptures for example are hate speech, no.  They are a window to look at ourselves and see how patterns, histories etc.. repeat themselves, consequences of such and to look to the Divine, Creator, that realm for change, transformation of self, communities etc…It can be painful to look in that mirror.   Once all the junk is gone, priorities are clear etc.. then divine union can come forth.  This is crucial to having balance, to understand that the inner self, soul, spirit, heart, matter as much as how successful you might be in your job, or how much money you have.  Don’t fear that dark night of the soul, it may be what actually saves you and shows you what the real priorities are, as well as what truly needs to be healed, to know that true healing comes from connecting to the divine.