Spiritual Awakening

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Spiritual Awakening

We are not all at the same stage spiritually and that’s okay, God made us all as individuals, so wherever you are is fine.  Think with spiritual awakening is it’s a bit like grief, we can go in and out of stages, back and forth as we make the journey, so I have gone through these stages in and out back and forth, as I have explored my relationship with the Holy Trinity, with Religion.  As I work out my plan for wellness, which after my hypersensitive reaction to even light exercise has to now be adjusted, which I” discuss”  I find that I am in no way moving away from the core of the Christian faith, from my belief in the Trinity, as Christianity to me makes sense,  At the same time, I find that certain Eastern Practices calm me, help me, certain meditation and spa music helps me and is good for me.  I find that I am moving between two worlds of the arts and coaching, trying to figure out how to intertwine the two. It’s definitely a process and a journey, so if you find that you move to stage seven then suddenly move into stage four again, then back to stage seven, it’s okay, at some point you will be long-term in stage seven. It may happen for some sooner than others, and that’s okay. 

My wellness, The gym, even with light exercise and a trainer, went badly.  I should have listened to my dear friends who have chronic health issues, but live and learn.  What will I do now? Simple adjust, simply adjust.  I will start with what I have at home, the fitness twisting board, light massage therapy, then acupuncture, group meditation at a nearby Buddhist center perhaps, then yoga, then we will see beyond that.  Getting on to a healthy diet is also important, so seeing a nutritionist, paramount.  Part of the journey of life is adapting, so you adapt, adapt to change, change in circumstances etc.., doesn’t mean your core beliefs have to change, not for me. 




Born in New Jersey, August 1965, this Italian-American has always had a great interest in music, particularly the Oldies, Country and Ethnic music, including Irish. For over 10 years Ms. Appello passionately taught ESL to students of varying ages. Grounded if her faith and spirituality, Katherine endured a range of issues, including a great deal of pain, which was finally diagnosed to be associated with Fibromyalgia. The essence and the power of music, of words, allow Katherine to overcome these struggles each and every time. We are all blessed to have Katherine’s strength, wisdom, and words to write “Pray For Me Tonight’