Spiritual Growth



The word of spirituality is misused today. You will hear a lot from people should you tell them you are spiritual. Note that I am mentioning only negatives now for a purpose. I will move on to real terms later.

Spiritual is somewhat a vague term despite having rigid boundaries. Some have taken it as far as opposing religions for purpose of enlightenments. While to other, it seems a rather self-centered term, not judging anyone as well as not letting anyone else tell us about how to do things. Looking within is first sign of spirituality or so is told by people.

Our heart is not a perfect guide. Addictions result due to leaning towards desires. My heart is not always right. I might lean towards wrong actions based on instincts which might lead into disasters. So the question is not whether to follow heart or not… question is… are we defining spirituality right? What exactly is a spiritual growth?

To be honest, being spiritual isn’t looking within to find answers only. That is to know oneself which is crucial but not only component. The main ingredient of spirituality is actually seeing Lord within. It is the realization that we have every right to connect deeply with Lord. It is the thirst to become better version of ourselves. It follows with the desire to let Lord unveil the treasures within us as well as our dark parts where we need growth. You no longer fall into comparison with others since no longer you view all people as same. You realize every person has their own worth and world.

Life when Christ consciousness is developed is not a destination anymore. It focuses on true essence of spirituality. We strive to better ourselves.  We tend to evolve continuously with age and time as well as era. Before enlightenment, a Christian’s example is like a king or queen who hid their riches somewhere. After enlightenment, they start finding treasures buried within themselves.

So what does the growing Christian look like when experiencing enlightenment? According to JC Ryle, the famous bishop, following sings occur when you are in growing process spiritually.

Increased Humility: The person undergoing enlightenment knows that he or she is not above anyone. The love of Lord is endless and for everyone. As an enlightened individual, he/she realizes that it is not a life of privilege rather honored service of humankind.

Faith and Love: The faith and love are interconnected. They tend to increase in relation to Lord when it comes to spiritual growth. We see Lord as teacher, filled with love and inspiring us to grow.

Change of Tastes: No longer will roasting anyone without any reason or playing with anyone’s emotions give you any fun. You have changed simply! Quite possibly based on world’s events, as well as your changed views, you simply change your tastes too.

Increased Love towards others: You will want to give up on people. Yet hope of finding divine in other human beings as well as wish to see God in all forms will hurdle your way. Although your love will increase, you will also need to use common sense in cases where giving love and care is not a possibility.

These are some but not all of signs. By explaining these ones, I wish you a profound growth in name of our Master, Lord and savior.