Spiritual Self Discipline, Christ Consciousness

Christ Consciousness

Spiritual Awareness can be pretty messy, which is why this subject of self-discipline is not really an option. Especially if you are going through spiritual awakening process, you will understand that it can be a painful process. Parts of your soul will awaken, nagging your attention to develop them. New gifts of observation and visualization will often pop up, sometimes dragging your whole normal life to mess. It is for this reason why I can’t stress enough the importance of self-discipline. You will need a whole structure or procedure of meditation and prayer practice to handle the new surges of energy your soul parts will manage to attract. Trust me!

I have been through this process and I found that without specific structure of practices and prayers, my life became a total mess. I even started losing interest in life. All became meaningless. It is then I found the truest importance of self-discipline.

Now don’t give me those excuses! Work, daily routine… where there is a will, there is a way. Self-discipline is not going to rob you of your precious time. It will in fact teach you importance of time management. There is no better way to develop punctuality than incorporate set of practices which you do on daily basis. You will also find out the relation of your spiritual gifts in daily life. You will find the practical implementation of those abilities which you are starting to find out in life as spirit grows.

Find the Balance between Strict Structure and Open Mindedness

There is a line between being open and being strict. We often see religious people with narrow minded personality. They are too afraid to let a belief challenge their already established ones. This is because losing your pre-established thoughts for sake of new ones can be a really scary thought. Why you ask? Well isn’t it obvious? Such people have restricted to few beliefs and told themselves this was the only way towards spirituality. Although they are very structured and follow fixed routines, this is not the spiritual structure I am talking about.

We then find sometimes the examples of too open minded spiritual people. Not pointing fingers, but being spiritual without anything to guide is like handling a large flow of water coming towards your way. Without a channel to guide its flow, you are going to surely let it be wasted everywhere. You can’t harness the force of water, what you will do is create a mess.

What I am talking about is a perfect balance of two. Why? I just told you the bad things of these two. Remember we are talking about the bad side of extremes. Extremism is always wrong. What I am talking about is true side of Christianity which is balance. Be open-minded but be self-disciplined. Be accepting yet be mindful of what is socially as well as morally unacceptable. You must find ways to express your spirituality. By this way, you actually create a channel to handle the massive amount of energy which you will put to great use.