Spiritual Self

Christ Consciousness

Many of us are on this lane. We are experiencing spiritual awakening. In this process of awakening, we are finding many of our inherent gifts. We find what part they are playing in our lives. Notice that not once did I use the word discover. To discover means something that is brand new and we find out its existence. These spiritual gifts were blessed to us by Lord a long time ago. We are simply discovering them relative to this life. However, these gifts are more like rediscovery of our truest self.

I will give an example simply. Remember when we were kids? You must remember it and sometimes even wish to go back to such times. We were unaware of so many realities, we enjoyed life the most. Then time came when we grew up. Social conditioning and requirements kicked in pretty hard. Spiritual awakening takes us back to that kids phase. We develop that sense of innocence. We start seeing world through innocent eyes.

Wait a minute! Isn’t it amateur?! We all know as children how many realities we were unaware of. We also know that as we grew up, no matter how harsh growing up was, going back to being childish is extremely foolish. We cannot survive in this world a second. Then what am I talking about here?!

What I am talking about is simply adopting the child’s way of looking at universe and befriending God. As children we had immense trust placed on God. We knew that God listens to us. We loved God unlike any way before. As we grow up and become spiritual through spiritual awakening, we realize we want that childish attitude of seeing Lord as our solid source of hope. We want that absolute faith. Being spiritual brings you just that. However, it also prevents us from being foolish. It is worth mentioning here that being delusional is very different from what I am talking about here. How are we becoming childish without becoming…you know…childish?! With the absolute faith on Lord, there was also level of naivety which we grew from.

As I have already explained, in spiritual self -awakening, we become aware of many gifts we always had. We open our mind to new possibilities. We start imagining new practices and phenomenon. Our visualization becomes skyrocketed. Now compare this to childhood. You will see that children have a soft open mind which they use to imagine new possibilities. Sounds similar doesn’t it?

In many ways, being spiritual is like going back to joys of childhood with the added filters of folly and naivety. In this context we can truly say that being spiritual is being childish.