Spirituality, The Beauty of Synchronity



This is one of my favorite youtube meditative links.  As I contemplate my life’s journey it becomes more and more clear to me that I am truly a Metaphysical Christian and that my understanding of life is spiritual, metaphysical and where religion confuses, true spirituality does not, it simplifies.  Yet even when Jesus tried to teach it, even in the beauty of parables, people couldn’t grasp it, still really don’t often grasp it.

We Are Trinity

We are heart, body and soul, the three dimensions of each of us.

These three are meant to work and be in harmony,

Yet because of fear and internal struggle they are in disharmony.

When they struggle with each other, they struggle with the One Creator,

For we are Trinity.

When the heart, body and soul, the three dimension of each of us,

Can release our fears, and courageously harmonize the three,

The heart, the body and the soul, we no longer struggle with the One Creator,

Nor will we struggle with ourselves and others.

For we are Trinity.

The more I see the divisions and craziness of religion and religiosity, more I am realizing that my path as a Metaphysical Christian and the simplicity of realizing the duality of nature and our nature, living my certain sacred precepts, such as the Seven Laws of Success and realizing the Bible as not literalistic, but God’s way, even through Jesus to teach us the many lessons of creation and relationship to Elohim, self and each other is beautiful, but often not understood.  Out of that realization came this poem.