Standing Strong and Fearless

Better to Live as Lion.jpg

Yesterday, one of my family members called and they asked if I took wine at communion, which I don’t, said that I shouldn’t due to the flu and what’s going around.  As we got into that discussion, I pointed out how the Protestant Episcopalian church by where I live dips the host, and I then said I only went a few times because they are very liberal and I am not a fan of liberal, I am strong conservative.  The response was insulting, as I was told because of that I am wrong on all side of things.   Generally I would have just taken it for mom’s sake, whose 93 and I don’t want to end  up creating a family rift.  However, this time, I remembered this quote and how important it is for society and self to stand strong in Biblical Truth, so I quietly, firmly stated that I am a conservative and not budging on truth.  It again brought to me the liberal mindset, that if you don’t agree with them on all points then you are wrong, or worse.  I decided I am not accepting that kind of crap from liberals, not even my own family.  I have no reason to be ashamed of being a Constitutional and Biblical Conservative, I am going to discuss more on this in another post.  This phrase is important, but not in the sense that you go to war with everyone, and when people read that Jesus turned the other cheek, it wasn’t that he was being weak, not what that means.  It means that he stood firm in who he was as the Christ, Messiah, Son of God, truth of scripture, didn’t wobble, was firm and steady in that.  He didn’t cower in speaking truth, truth of the Father, knew who he was and was not wavering in that truth.  It’s important we understand scripture and Christ etc… properly.  I realize that I must be like that in expressing my artistic self and in my faith, sharing it, standing firm in it. This weekend showed that I can stand up and strong in Christ, even to kinfolk, great feeling.