Star Trek Still Makes Me Reflect

The Journey That is Life.

I was watching Star Trek, the original one and it is the episode where during transport Kirk is returned to the ship as two, his darker side, his animal passion side separated as a separate Kirk.  It also got me thinking about the part of the Genesis story where the angels tell God all are laughing and he determines not good, then they tell him, al are crying and he determines, not good either.  They they tell him some are laughing and some are crying and he determines now it’s good.  I recalled artists and how some artists I have seen in the past very stiff, though awesome voice, great looks, charming, but something has to change, but what.  All this got me to thinking.  

Often as an artist or even in life in general if we don’t have that animal passion within or if we suppress it, oppress it, push aside our dreams etc… because of a security blanket of our tiny little world, creature comforts, safety zone physical, emotional etc… we become stiff, like wood, or we become caged in, chained, the life even maybe drained out of us, the art become stale, stiff, like us, as does our life.  If we become imprisoned in any kind of suppression and oppression of our passion completely of the full extent of our dreams, of loving even, of true love, being willing to see it, acknowledge it when it comes before us, we may become like the Kirk who was separated from the “darker” self but self none the same, that passionate self and be unable to make any decision, to pursue any of our dreams truly, or even pursue true love.  As artists we may become so stiff, so drawn into ourselves and a tiny little safety world that we never venture out of that world, we stay stuck only in that one realm, that one tiny box forever more, get older and older until we can never fulfill the artistic dream we truly had or even be with a true love because we were not willing to jump off the cliff and trust the parachute to open when we did jump.  We might get on that stage belt out those songs, those poems etc… but never show emotions, never shed a tear, feel pain in our chest etc…, move our bodies in sway with the words, the music, connect with that audience, including that special one in it.  That is truly sad for the artist and the audience.  

That part of Kirk when it was separated from him was dying, it could not survive and neither could the other Kirk without the “animal passion Kirk”.  The creator of Star Trek hit a very correct note. While the animal Kirk should not 24/7 overshadow, he can not be locked away oppressed and suppressed because neither can truly survive, both with die.  Same as with the Bible when God says all laughing and all crying can not be, you have to combing and when he allowed for both night and day, light and dark etc…, To have day, you must have night and vice versa, so the body can rest.  If we are going to truly live our dreams fully, and be truly artists, ever go outside our little box, little world, be an eagle that soars and really moves people to tears, and be moved, you have to be able to wear your heart on your sleeves, and jump off that cliff, just pray that parachute opens, you just have to.  

Shalom and Amen!