Start By Moving Stones

Sometimes I look back and think of what I didn’t accomplish, and what Fibromyalgia took away.  When that happens, I want to conquer the world metaphorically speaking, move big mountains, then the pain of the fibro and all that brings me back to reality.  I realize I don’t have to move mountains, don’t have to prove anything to anyone, so why move mountains, why not do what is common sense, move stones.  Each stone I move, marketing email I send etc.. the brand is built and at some point I will be earning my daily bread with these gifts.  Mountains can be very tall to scale and rather than scale a large mountain trying to prove I am some wonder woman, I think I will start with small stones and climb as I build.  I can come from one of two places, faith or fear, faith says trust and build step by step stone by stone, fear says you are never good enough etc., so you have to climb big mountains fast, show what a wonder woman you are.  I prefer to come to things from a place of faith. What about you?


Namaste, Shalom and Amen