Step Back and Just Pray, What?

Letting Go Never Easy, But Necessary
Sadness, but we must not be silent.

When you are seeing something stagnant, not at all in good shape, not going in the right direction, not cohesion, you gut instinct says the key here is cohesion, streamlining and cohesion what do you do?

When it’s your own life, your own stuff, well, you just do it, streamline, create cohesion, do what you know has to be done, figure it out, get a solid team together, do what you know you have to do, get creative, and do it.  You move heaven and earth, declutter people, everything you need to do to make it and your life thrive.  No nonsense, just do what you have to do and that’s that.  However, when you are on the outside looking in and you see something stagnant, not working, not thriving, not streamlined, whether it is a person’s life, a projects, organizations, what do you do?  Unless you have a really open and close bond with the persons involved, like I described in my previous post with my FB family, the few and amazing ones, and they with you, raw open book closeness, you can’t say this is going in the wrong direction, things need to be streamlines etc.., your life needs to be streamlined etc…You might not feel you can and might feel yourself in a bit of a tough spot.  Do you speak up and risk being labeled a troublemaker? Do you just shut it and watch the ship sink, then feel badly that you didn’t say anything?  What do you do? Sometimes you can do a combination of suggesting, and praying that eyes will be opened, a light bulb revelation received.  You can’t really change anything other than yourself, how your react, respond, deal with things.  You have to really look at how much you value what you are involved in and with for the long term, the real chances for it succeeding if changes are not made if you don’t speak up, the consequences if you do, and if you choose not to are you okay with staying on board something that you don’t see having a positive outcome, even a particular aspect of it?  Sometimes, there is one aspect that is looking stagnant, grim and where you see is going in a totally wrong direction or truly feel it is, but you don’t feel you really should be the one to speak up about it.  Sometimes you might not be and what you need to do is to pray and meditate that a key person involved realizes the truth of things and they take action, speak up, make changes, stand up and say “this is how it is going to change, no debate, and it changes now, take it or leave it and this is why.”  Deciding when and how to speak up when you see things going in the wrong direction is not always easy or clear cut, especially if you feel you don’t have the authority to do so or the closeness with those in charge of friendship to speak up, or if something happened that made you decide never again will I.  I am a firm believer that if we can’t do something directly, we can pray that the right person to do something be illuminated by the Holy Spirit and they do something, fast, so the ship does not crash into port.   Sometimes that is best, so it might be a good idea sometimes to pray as to what is the best course of action if we ought to act ourselves, or we might need to have someone else be the catalyst for us to make change happen directly or indirectly.  If that person has a strong instinct or gift of the spirit, and they are a catalyst for change, they will understand that is what is happening and not be upset or feel used.  They will understand they are meant to be a catalyst to bring about change and you needed them to be that catalyst to help you bring about change, and sometimes we can’t do it on our own, bring about change.  Praying for what to do when we see such a situation and how to handle it, whether directly ourselves or by having another be a catalyst for us is a good idea, a pretty good idea.