Tried Stepping into Home Today..

I decided to go to church today for the Legion of Mary weekly prayer and discussion meeting, but I only saw people doing adoration of the Eucharist, so I sat for a bit and prayed, meditated.  I grew up in an Italian-American devout Catholic family, including mom, and being Italian in terms of heritage, Catholicism is part of that heritage, yet today I just didn’t feel I fit in.  However, when I am at Hadassah, United Jewish Federation events, attending Synague service, I am very much at home and feel I fit in.  I believe in God being so transcendent that He can’t really be put in a box and I also feel that Jesus never, ever intended to start anything new, or to end Judaism in any way.  He was simply looking for a way to reform that wish already existed, thus without even realizing, he was creating Reform Judaism, though not with the moral decay of today’s Reform Judaism, which supports abortion and such things, but along the lines of Reform Judaism.  I don’t fit in really with the faith of my heritage, but I do with that of Jesus, hmmm.  I also feel very strongly about the value of Roman Catholic Canonical and Moral teachings, and am not comfortable with the liberalism of the Reform, even Conservative Judaism on social and political issues. So what am I going to do about this?

I am going to be more involved in Hadassah and the Atid chapter, in UJF, and I am going to attend Mass, Legion of Mary meetings weekly.  Also,  I’m going to look for communal Shabbat dinners to join, interfaith dinner.  There are things I can do.  I can still honor Jesus, and what I am drawn to, Judaism the faith Jesus grew up with.   This notion of you have isolate yourself with only one group is not true. You can stay true to your core faith etc.., and still learn about others, share with others.  

Namaste, shalom and Amen.