Still Going Strong, But….

Life and Liberty, God Bless America
The light shines within., going out in connection to the Divine Creator.

As an empath and intuitive and empath, I feel very strongly the fact that a connection from my past still has very strong feelings for me, perhaps even stronger not than they even had before.  The connection on a psychic consciousness level is still there, and I can still sense when they are thinking about me etc.., so the connection is still strong, though we are not in each other’s life.  My instincts say they might be coming knocking at the door again.  The connection is strong, so a good thing, right? Yeah, since I think both of us have grown a lot, been through a lot, so what’s the (but) part?  

The (but) is his being a progressive and recent re-posts after an earthquake in Italy, my mom’s country of origin, cartoons that were in very poor taste so soon after the earthquake.  His inability to see how progressive philosophy and politics is damaging to nations, to society to the individual, and his anti-Israel sentiments, especially being Jewish are hard for me to digest.  I believe that the government has to be totally overhauled to be less involved in our lives, for society, even educational institutions to unleash the power of the individual, community, faith community, business community, especially small business community to solve problems, to educate, create people of strong character, and be able to handle all things in life, good, bad and ugly.  Life is like the weather, with sun, rain, storms etc…His being a progressive, his turning his back on Israel, rejection of Zionism, having embraced the lie that is Palestine etc.., and my concern about his ability to be faithful are three points that create a “but”.  Then of course there may be issues from the past that need airing for closure on that part of things.  Every empathic, intuitive fiber of my being says his bond is still strong in my regards, his feelings have gotten stronger than before, even though we are not a part of each other life, which is incredible in itself.  The (but) issues would have to be addressed and very honestly, very openly if they did come back into my life, even for friendship, for friendship the first two would have to be addressed.  For anything beyond that, all three issues most definitely.  Not that I don’t care about them because once you have a connection to someone as an empath and intuitive on any level, it’s there pretty much for life, and there are very people I have this connection to, and I count them on one hand, outside of certain family of course.  It’s a special and beautiful thing.  

Would I be able to process and embrace the fact that they have the worldview they have, though it is erroneous?  I think the key would be honest discussion, and at some point face to face, once they were truly free, very close to it, no turning back, able to start a new life and decided to do so no turning back.   I know with my Hadassah colleagues and friends, I have been able to have conversations, to agree to disagree and still find common ground on things, same with certain family members though I am the only Republican and Conservative of the family.  I guess I can embrace a progressive and agree to disagree, even though I believe truly that any Marxist, Socialist, Progressive worldview politically is in error.  I strong believe in conservative first principles and a Conservative interpretation of the Constitution, original intent as per the Federalist founders.  In the end communication is of course key to anything moving forward or even having any kind of closure if that is what is required.  Whether it is this connection or another connection I have of psychic consciousness level communication  is key to it working, not working etc…, whether friendship, more than friendship, creative collaborative, doesn’t matter, communication will be the key.   

Namaste, Shalom and Amen