Stirred to Clarify, So Here Goes!

Most PRecious Blood

Often Protestants will get all in a huff about the Catholic Bible having seven more books and sacraments such as Confession, the Pope, Magisterium, all that stuff, saying it’s not in the Bible, the devils work, all made made stuff that Catholics follow.

I could try and get into all of it in one shot, but I wont, right now the thing I am being stirred to clarify is the Magisterium and Sacraments, as well as annulment.  I was not quite ready to accept what was stirred in my soul readily, but when the Spirit stirs it, it stirs it.  Here goes.  The Priesthood is something that goes back to Adam, to the beginning of time, when man was given dominion of the earth and all things on the earth, the role of overseer, in essence high priest over the creation of God.  Then it became a more formal structured priesthood with Arron and others.  Then with Peter receiving the revelation, Jesus gave the keys to Peter, built the church upon him, him who alone received that revelation first, he was asked to feed the sheep three times.  To the apostles was given the power to bind and loosen, to forgive or not forgive sins, to determine in essence the heart and soul of the sinner to see if he was truly repentant and therefore could be forgiven, including if he had forgiven himself so he would be ready to receive forgiveness from God.  It would be up to the apostles, later as the church became more structured to determine what was loosed and bound as regards sins, as regards the matters of the church, church law all that. Communion is what was commanded by Christ to remember him and his sacrifice, as we naw on his flesh, his words, not mine.  If it’s just a symbol, then how can you naw and chew on his flesh? Only if it become his body and his blood when prayed over can that happen.  Anointing of the sick, in there in Mark, Luke, James, Acts,  so not contrary to scripture, nor is Last Rites.  Same with an annulment, up to the church to determine if the marriage was entered into under false pretense, under less than honorable circumstances, which would render it invalid as a holy union and sacrament, thus could be loosened, even if not legally from a spiritual perspective.  Again Jesus gave that authority to the Priests, by giving it to the disciples to bind and to loosen.  As for the seven extra books, the Protestant Bible, all Bibles had those books up until the 1300 hundreds, when the idea of Sola Scriptura came into the notion of some, and is not found in the bible.  Nowhere does it say by faith alone, nowhere.

Now that I am truly studying my faith, going to church, connecting the dots, I am realizing what the Catholic church does is quite Biblical, just have to know how to connect the dots.  It can be quite tricky to do so, but once you connect the dots, you realize, it is quite biblical.