Stop Focusing On…?

Stop Focusing on Stressed.jpg

Even Scripture says about worry “Don’t do that!!!!” It is not appreciated.  Some examples of Scripture saying don’t do that:  3 Isaiah 41:10, 1 Philippians 4:6, 2 John 14:27, and there are others, 30 or so on the subject.  Chronic worry serves one no positive purpose.  It does make the devil dance, raises your blood pressure, harms your body etc…, so for the devil, it’s a field day, party time, messin with ya, can help dredge up the past and other times you messed up.  Once you let worry, fear and all that take hold, really take hold, chronic hold, you give the devil a whole field to dance on. Not only that, but you really won’t be able to do anything constructive to change anything because you will end up drowning in the negative, so you will be useless to yourself and those around you, so how does that help exactly? Doesn’t, but sure does make the devil dance and anyone who wants to see you taken down, so why give either that kind of a show to savor.  For me, memory with the Fibromyalgia is a problem so memorizing a bunch of stuff is, well OY!  One of the psalms, 23, the first line, I remember very clearly “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want” and Christ when he was praying that the cup taken from him but then said “Not my will, but your will be done” that I also clearly remember.  Now if I am feeling anxious, I take breath and keep going over those two phrases.  I also listen to faith music, spiritual music every day, even if just in instrumental form on youtube. I have created my own meditation with specific prayers and affirmations that I listen to when I go to bed, I listen to it three times and also when I wake up once.  I particularly love this on youtube  

When I found myself in debt and on SSDI, I could have just stayed in a panic and ignored the situation, not done anything, same with the fibromyalgia.  I could have just curled up and given up, gone full on negative, which when you have this roller coaster where you have a period of feel pretty okay, you think great I am getting better, then total crash, total opposite is easy to do, but I didn’t.  After I went through the stages anger etc.. then acceptance I started looking at the creative, what I could do with that, writing what I could do with that, different things, I got on a debt restructuring, repayment plan, so my debt will soon be paid off and now here I am.  God willing with a few more professionally produced songs under my belt I can approach record labels to get signed on as a songwriter.  If I had let the worry of debt etc… cripple me, bad, very bad.   Each day try to find ways, positive, constructive ones please, to move through and past any anxiety etc.., and you will see change.  If you do need to make changes in your life, even ones that may seem painful at first, relationship changes for the good of all, then that is what you do.