Storms Keep Coming, Shelter Is Strong


These past months have been stormy and it seems I am not coming out of the rain yet.  My allergies put me through weeks of hell, then hit with the flu, now am on antibiotics for a bladder infection, am having one or two other issues as well.  The remaining time before Christmas will be spent going for tests and specialist consultations, OY!  I could be all pissed off at God, give up on anything changing, but how would that help me or anyone?  There is also the theology and understanding I have that this is not God doing this to me, but a result of being a physical being in a physical world, where there is decay. To blame God, be pissed at Him, to me makes no sense at all.  Be pissed at the entity, entities, energies of decay that have created this situation for humanity, all of us and other situations of pain etc.., that makes sense.  Yet, the anger is an important point because if the anger is bitterness long-lasting anger, not helpful.  If it’s righteous anger, Satan, I have held fast to the Covenant etc., you have no claim, I am going to overcome the storm, you do take steps to do so, that’s great.  I get thrown into these storms, true, but what’s important is what do I do?  What am I doing? 

Medically, I am going to be going for those tests etc.., logical and practical to do so. I also presented a wellness plan to my doctor which she approves of, and have already started substituting natural products for my meds. In January with my insurance Silver Sneakers benefit, I will have access to YMCA, Community Centers to participate in wellness and light exercise programs, which I will avail myself of.    Starting this month I will be going to a monthly Healing Circle at the nearby Buddhist Center, focusing on Christ as my anchor.   In addition, I have put together a proposal for an offer I received to potentially host my own online radio show, will send it on Monday.  For the blog, I’ll be posting mini-meditations, and intro seminar blog posts and then I will also in the store have full-length medications, seminars you can purchase in the store.   I keep thinking what scripture says that I can do all things through Christ, and I take that to heart.  What I have done in my meditation is to Consecrate the things that matter to me, my hopes and dreams to the Sacred Heart of Christ and Mary, that act of consecrating to the sacred, the holy, the divine is a strong anchor of positive flow and energy for my life, for navigating the storms, moving forward so I can be inspired, but also so I can inspire others, which is what brings me joy. 

Namaste, Shalom, and Amen