Streamlining My Life


I am getting more in tune with Holy Spirit and I keep getting the word Streamline, that word is coming up over and over, so I have been thinking about it and how to streamline different things in my life.  I first had to figure out why this call to streamline and I guess it is because I have been on a winding road of discovery etc.. for so long in terms of my faith, my gifts, talents and my path with those gifts, talents in terms of what God wanted me to do with them. In regards to the music, poetry would I focus on genres per se or themes, and perhaps themes is best, streamline what themes I’m spiritually guided to focus on.  Then focus on two venues online to stream them and one to sell them on.  I decided bandlab and soundcloud to steam, tunecore to sell.  In terms of live shows, well, I sense again around holidays and themes is best.  What of the coaching and ministry intertwined, wellness overall wellness, which would include social, spiritual holistically, and do online seminars and then twice a year live events.  Then comes my medical, well there as well, except for my internist, I am moving all my medical needs to one place, which means switching my ob/gyn, dermatologist, gastroenterologist, ENT, getting all my medical personnel in one place.  That will also open up a door that until now has not been able to be open.  I do feel that I need to streamline tings, get my life in a more streamlined position in certain ways.  Does that mean I have to lose being creative and all that, no of course not, but I can be less frazzled and be able to have more creative focus and that can contribute to my overall wellness.  I also did something to help with my sleep, which was a bit of an issue as is often for those with fibromyalgia, I got a mattress cover that is sensopedic and sensopedic pillows as well and I am able to sleep through the night, no tossing, turning waking up throughout the night, so though I still have trouble falling asleep at times, once I do fall asleep, I sleep straight through, big help.  I am working on making changes in my life that will benefit me, but also make me more productive so I can be a better artist etc…and that makes me happy.  If we really want to make changes in life we can, we just have to connect to Spirit, to that Divine spark and accept guidance, then take right action.  We don’t have to be stuck or in quicksand going down, and that is a beautiful realization.