Summer Bucket List?

Summer underway, not everyone will feel safe going to the beach, etc.., so if you have a back yard, a community garden space, a garden-like space available to you, spacious enough in your building, there are activities you can do, of course, wear a mask, limit the time of interaction if not in your own back yard with your own family.  Remember if you wear masks for too long you risk inhaling fumes that you breathe back in, which are released with each breath.  Let’s say the movies and if you have Netflix, or some such service, have a movie rental budget for the month, pick movies everyone can agree on, pop popcorn, dim the lights, go under the blankets for movie night, one day a week, really get creative, even if it’s just you and your spouse.  Ask the Holy Spirit to stimulate inner creativity.  If you are on a budget, the same thing, get creative, get guidance from the Holy Spirit, even on how to engage yourself in great constructive creative activity.  Launch a live FB interactive fun event maybe.