Christmas Colors

  The fatigue of Fibromyalgia is with me more and more each day.  Yet at this time, as I see the colors of Christmas and churches decorated to welcome the Babe of Bethlehem, I have hope.  I have hope because the Lord gives me creative flow and more, in spite of days like today when […]

December, A Poem

J.A.M. All bright and clear, the starry vault With golden lights and crisp, clean air, Allures the soul to rise, nor halt Till she shall float exultant there. Earth folds her form in ermine cloak, Whose glist’ning sheen reflects the stars; Clear rings the skaters’ rhythmic stroke From stream held fast in icy bars. Uprears […]

Advent Verse

As we enter Advent, leading up to Christmas to celebrate Christ, the redemption he brought, let’s figure out how we can be light, share light, even as we share the truths of scripture.  What light do you want to bring to others?  What light do you want to be brought into your life?  Not something […]

The Three Kings

A Bright Phenomenon, Three Wise Men, and Gifts, particular ones, one thing I wondered about, have wondered about is that bright phenomenon in the sky.  Couldn’t be a star because of the way it acted, or anything even remotely like that, so what could it be?  For me, the answer is in the Bible itself […]

Come Close, Let’s Sit Awhile

This is the essence of a parent, especially for a young child and this is also, in essence, the way God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit hope we can achieve a relationship with them, this kind of union.  I have to admit it’s not an easy journey always and we may slip in and out […]

My Advent Prayer For All

I came across this and I wanted to share it with you, and I hope the light of advent can touch us all somehow in some way.  Shalom and Amen