I very much want to create a real wellness hub, one where you can have not only the blog posts, but also products to assist in the wellness journey.  When you are finding your path to create something like this, it can be a bit of a winding road.  Here is what is going on […]

Aromatherapy Guide

Often when we want to do something with wellness, we don’t know where to start, so if you want to explore aromatherapy, again I would find someone who knows about it, has been working with aromatherapy successfully for a time, and let your doctors know you re working with aromatherapy.  As always when you are […]

Aromatherapy Benefits Part II

For older adults or those such as myself with fibromyalgia a circulation, joint issues can be a problem, so doing some light massage, light, doesn’t have to be overkill, light circular, with some oils, warm or hands rubbed together warmed up can be a blessing, help with that stiffness etc…If I am less stiff and […]

What are the Benefits

Usually if we are going to do any kind of regimen, we want to know what’s in it for us, what the benefit is of doing it, right?  Aromatherapy I find is beneficial, now mind you I am just starting to use it on a more regular basis.  I am finding that if I place a […]