God’s Words Speak in Any Language

This Psalm is a staple of the faith, The Lord is my Shepard etc,,,, but even if it weren’t, and even though I don’t understand the language, if it were evening, low lights a candle or two, or three quiet still of the night, even a quiet Sunday afternoon, God’s words can still penetrate the heart, spirit and soul.   If you happen to find yourself on vacation, somewhere where you don’t speak the language, even a Jewish Temple, an Orthodox Church, don’t be afraid to go in, because God will speak to you no matter what the language being used that day.  


The Church, Cultural Center, Why Not?


The church is often mocked, the Catholic Church in particular, as well as the conservative evangelical.  That is quite funny considering.

The church was since Biblical times, as was the King’s court, the main patron and supporter of the arts, the talent that was present in those times with the writing of the psalms, and if you read the Catholic bible additional poetic books, you see how the prophets, and those anointed in the faith were great patrons of the arts, since Saul was the initiator of Patrons, calling on David to do his magical thing with music. As I realize this and as I look at the history of classical music, the beauty of it, seems to me that churches should be patrons of the arts and sciences, but in a way that connects to true and conservative biblical principles. This is what I hope my work with my colleague Bill will achieve, this creation of a church that works with nearby colleges, artists that have connection with foundations for young people and even older people looking to start a second career. The potential is tremendous, but it has to be done with good planning, even obtaining sponsors, has to be done in a way that is well organized, solid proposal.  Can the church be a beacon and center for the arts, for true formation of a right mindset in the Word?  Yes, it can, it was in the past, and it can be again, but it needs to avoid being Liberal Progressive Social Justice to the hilt, or to any degree.  If it does and stays true to conservative Biblical truth, makes the arts a vehicle for that, it can achieve that and celebrate the cultures of its’ members.  It can be done.

Some links for your reading on patronage of the arts and the church, Catholic Church:




New Year, So What Goals?

Baptism of Fire

As another year has passed, I look back to my feeling last year at this time and the year before, it’s different.  This year, there isn’t the buoyancy of those past birthdays, the heart this year had no expectations, so what’s going on? Is that a good thing for a bad thing? Well…

An old friend had a philosophy “Hope for the best, but be prepared for the worst, always”  I  guess in the past I had set all these high expectations for the new year right before my birthday, not goals, not realistic goals, but a bunch of expectations, that included other people.  This year, after learning life’s lessons that I have, I have not done that.  I am hoping for the best, praying, meditating on goals I hope to achieve, that the Holy Spirit has set in me and are realistic, even if this year only the initial buds of the flower spring forth, it’s okay.  The fibormyalgia is still here, not gone away and it may always be there, but so will my music, poetry, love of the arts and ministry, of the faith, of Christ. That is what matters.  What are my goals?

  • Be an effective music minister within the Italian-American and Roman Catholic Community
  • Grow in this capacity and as an artist
  • Earn a living as a music minister and artist, outside of my volunteer work with the church
  • Build a solid group of friends, a family in the arts, ministry, in the same field and grow together in the faith and in our gifts, showcase our talent
  • Be united, by divine guidance, with my soulmate twinflame in sacred companionship for the rest of my life

Unlike other years where i tried to force things to happen had a whole bunch of expectation, high expectations about stuff happening, how it should happen, all that, not anymore.  Yes I have goals and yes I will day to day work towards them, but I wont have a whole bunch of high to the sky expectations.  I will strive to live in the moment, do what needs to be done, still doing long range planning as necessary to succeed, but doing my best to go with the flow as well.


Angels, May You Feel Them Near


I came across this and wanted to share it with you.  Angels are here to help us, to offer assistance, to be messengers, battle for God on our behalf, sometimes they are of the angelic nature, but sometimes angels are right here on earth in the flesh and I hope when God puts one before us we can recognize him or her and be grateful.  I hope we can discern true light angels from those that pretend to be of the light, but are actually deceiving, leading us down a path of perdition.

Audience of One or One Thousand

Most PRecious Blood

Today I had my debut you could say, as I have not sung in public in a long time, and not sung any of my original material or done song improv either in a long while, so it was something and I wasn’t sure how I would feel, how nervous etc…

When I got up on that podium, didn’t matter that it was only me and the pianist because I knew God, all of heaven was listening, and my own heart was listening.  That’s one heck of an audience.  I wasn’t really nervous, for the first time in any performance, I wasn’t nervous, or anxious, I was totally at peace.  I was at peace because I was doing what I had prayed for my whole life, performing.  Granted due to it all being last minute kind of there was no time to do any massive promotion, so we didn’t have anyone there but it’s a seed and the pianist, a professional artist really liked my vocals and my material, so that was a nice stamp of approval artistically.  There will be more concerts, better prep etc… and those will be more successful I am sure.  It was just so beautiful to be able to do what I love to do, sing, perform, share.  I really am meditating to have a space all my won to be able to do that each day, and now that i have a pianist who can accompany me, I an start maybe planning shows for 2018.  Time to start living the life I always had in my heart and I think now God feels I have the right people that I can move forward with in this path.  It is important when you are making your journey who makes the journey with you and if you don’t have people who share your faith, your values etc…, who are in sync with you, not going to be right.  I guess God really had to have me wait for the right place, group of people etc…and guess now is the time.  Whatever I do and whether I sing to one or ten or a thousand, the main persons I am singing for and to are up in the heavens and if I do my best as their vessel, then I will do my best for whomever is hearing me on earth.  That is what I realize today and what i need to realize always.  Today was important in that realization, very important.