Lovely Poem, Had to Share


This is a lovely Poem from one of our Fellow Bloggers:


Misty With Flowers Glowing

Drizzly and fog,

Sadly we must log…

But from our hearts

Sunshine starts,

Leaping like a big old bull frog!

–Jonathan Caswell

What’s Happening With Memberships?

raise a toast

I wanted to update you on what is happening with the direction of the blog, memberships and membership levels. 

Let me start with the direction.  I am going to steer the blog in the direction of spiritual, life coaching and inspirational.  In terms of spiritual, my background is metaphysical, Christian, and artist, so it will be approached from that aspect.  As for the memberships, the free will include articles as has so far and the premium, please bare with me as I am working on setting up a monthly recurring payment method, will allow you to access e-books, audio and even connect to live events I will schedule via Zoom.  I hope some of you will consider premium membership. 

Again, I want to celebrate and thank my fellow bloggers for their contribution with their time and the work they put in on their blogs.

Shalom and Amen


Canticle of the Sun


Appreciating creation and the Creator, forces of creation is important because if we can not value that, appreciate the beauty of nature, of love, love of parent and child , of animals and humans, vice versa, different things that make this universe wondrous, we can never appreciate our own gifts, talents or human life to the fullest.  I hope you enjoy this canticle.

What’s Up?

Heart, Spirt and Soul Who We Are

What’s up with the blog, well I wanted to shift things.  The blog is undergoing a bit of a change.

There will be two membership levels:

  • Free -basic articles and content
  • Premium $20 a month, that will include ebooks, including children’s ebooks, as well as digital audio, such as full meditations, mini seminars

I felt I had to do this and take things in my work to the next level.  Thank you  to all my followers  Thank you to all my fellow bloggers for your contribution to the blogger world. 


Need Your Help, Youtube

Life and Liberty, God Bless America
The light shines within., going out in connection to the Divine Creator.

I’ve added new videos and hope to add new content each month and even add full length meditation products and ebooks you can purchase on this blog.  I need your help.  I would like to get my brand you tube channel, so I need subscribers.  I hope you will please subscribe to my channel  and please do check out the new videos

Why I Love Hymns Like This One

Music is important to history, it is history, the landscape of a nation of the roots of a nation.

What do God Bless America, our National Anthem and this hymn say about the U.S.A.? the Federalist founding, the flag that today is so disrespected, the United States of America that our youth is taught to hate so much, not perfect because humans are not perfect?  I can tell you what it says to me.  It says to me that I am rooted in Christ, in Christianity, so is my country, my Country Tis of Thee, Sweet Land of Liberty, a liberty that was hard fought and hard won, with blood shed on all sides , including the other side of the world.  It tells me to stand and honor all that is representative of this nation, the various high offices, law enforcement, Flag, God and country, armed forces who give their life for the principles that embody the founding of this nation, whatever its’ imperfections.  It tells me I belong to a great nation, that can be great once again, a great beacon to all nations of true Constitutional, Capitalist, Federalist, Republicanism and Judeo-Christian values.  This is what these great old hymns tell me. 



General Path Is a Good Start


Yesterday an artist with whom there had been discussion of doing solo concerts with got back in touch with me, and as I realize I can build a solid youtube channel, have the gifts of poetry and music, can even create meditations and other tools to be of service to others, have a great platform with the Internet, I realize that I don’t need a whole bunch of money.  What then do I need?

I need for starters a general path and to define a series of steps I will take on that path to get me to a general destination as guided by the Holy Spirit that I am meant to get to, a constructive one.  One thing I realized is that my greatest gift is in my voice, so I purchased a new digital hand held voice activated recorder today, and will take photos with different attire, and re-record some pieces I have already posted and create best quality pieces.  I will also continue offering insights here on this blog and hope to also create a blog for children and teens, a spiritual and life lessons blog.  The path is that of artist, writer and in a sense I guess life coach/minister in combination through the arts.  The destination is to be an effective life coach and minister, the path in doing so is the arts (poetry, song, meditations), the venues being youtube, blogging, and live concerts, performances. Then there is the promotion, which does take some funds, but with services such as fiverr, guru, and the like, it doesn’t have to be expensive, so it can be done.  I do need to sit down and create a plan of steps I will take and then follow through of course, a timeline of some kind, give myself that.   It is not difficult to be organized and orderly once you have a destination and determine the path to get there, making sure it is focused and constructive.  I look forward to creating a great youtube channel of poetry, song, meditations, and more for you.  I hope you can find it in your heart to support this blog and please subscribe to my youtube channel, just go to youtube and type in kathy appello.  Once I get 100 subscribers I can get my personal link. Thanks.