Problem With the Met Gala

This is not even counting the bondage rosary mask.  Scripture tells us that in the latter days truth will be twisted and mocked and what is evil, unhealthy etc… will be lauded as good.  All you have to do is look around you and know that is true.  This shows that.  Even worse is that […]

Who Would I Rather Stand With?

We are in a world where it’s all about being PC, loved by the world, safe spaces etc…, don’t offend, don’t hurt feelings, accept everything under the sun and every lifestyle no matter what because you don’t want to be judgmental, it’s all about love, God is only about love, right?  Oy, what you all […]

What the Old Guard Is Not Getting

  I love the Latin Mass, the Masses of the various Societies within the Catholic faith, the solemnity of those Masses, the Reverence.  I believe in natural order etc.., would even without religion just by common sense.  Yet the Bishops chose to ignore the youth, the Catholic youth, invited Atheists and Muslims to discuss the […]

Know What You’re Walking Away From

Often Catholics, even yours truly will get caught up in the trap of not really knowing about the faith, now knowing the core truths of it, the biblical basis for these truths, the exegesis, the deductive and inductive reasoning of the Church Fathers in regards to the faith and will fall into the trap of […]

When It Really Dawns On You

  When you think of moving forward, building something up, a lasting legacy, something that will stand the test of time, you think of foundation, I do.  That is what I was thinking in terms of a particular project, in regards to a particular place, iconic piece of history that I hoped could be saved.  However, […]

Disrespect of Tradition, Scary Here

Disdain for Tradition, Scary I spoke in a previous blog about a path, about forging a path, and while a path forward does require some adaptation and some transformation so as to not be stagnant, what have we gained from a total disdain of all things traditional, of Family, God, Faith and Country?   I understand […]

It’s About God, and Community

I spoke about the disconnect between my cultural heritage as an Italian-American Catholic and my theological leaning that are more Conservative Anglican.  That will always be a conflict present in my life to some extent, won’t it?   Today I realized something.  It doesn’t have to, not if I focus on the core, on the […]