Love Means Also Chastise, Rebuke

I love it when progressives and those living certain lifestyles talk about how Jesus was all about love and how he forgave the woman, stopped her being stoned, he ate with sinners all that, yeah, ok, but…Yeah, there’s a crack in that whole philosophy of love is just let it all be whatever, whenever, however […]

Faith, Belief, Holy Spirit, Powerful Team

Please support this blog via paypal  a portion of all donations to this blog will go to arts programs and support for the choir at the iconic historical Italian church of Shrine of Most Precious Blood in lower Manhattan as I will be donating a portion to arts and heritage preservation efforts there. As […]

Being Part of Something, Beautiful

Yesterday The Sons and Daughters of Italy celebrated their 112th Founder’s Day, with Mass and lunch, which included a lifetime achievement award.  It was special for one or two particular reasons. As I heard the priest give his homily in Italian, as I watched the Mass with everyone very reverent to the priest, the Eucharist, […]

Want People Back In Pews, TRADITION!

Please support this blog via paypal:  Thank you. That’s right darlin, Tradition, just like they that word that we remember from Fiddler on The Roof.  As music coordinator for the local church and one who had made a journey back home to the faith, I have done a lot of research as to what […]

Majesty, Sacred Again Revealed

Please support this blog via paypal: As I witnessed the Corpus Christi Mass and the participation for the first time of one of the Italian Societies of one of the saints of Sicily, it brought home the beauty, reverence and majesty of the faith.  No need to shout or get rowdy about God’s word, […]

My Culture and My Faith Intertwined

Sunday at Shrine of the Most Precious Blood, my parish, The Society of St. Anthony of Padua celebrated the Mass in honor the saint.  Tuesday the church itself will celebrate a Mass in honor of the saint, as Tuesday is the actual feast day of St. Anthony. As the mix of Italian and English was […]

Catholic Must Always Remain Catholic

When I hear of compromise, of reform in regards to the Catholic faith, I get a bit antsy.  I know some would find it quite amusing since I have never been religious, spiritual, philosophical about my Catholicism, not very religious about it.   Due to the fibromyaltia, I have often watched Mass on TV, as […]

Metaphysical Look At Acts 6:8-15 and John 6:22-29

From a metaphysical standpoint it is first important to know the meaning of the names of those in the Bible, what they represent.  We will begin with that. Acts 6:8-15 Stephen means “crowned”. and thus represents the head, crown, reason, orderly thought.  Those of balance, even when the Spirit stirs in them, don’t go off […]

Every Life Has Potential!

By Jordan Sheppard, LCA sophomore – Her Aunt Kerris always took little Monica to Santa Monica’s New Shiloh Baptist Church. Even though Aunt Kerris was not wealthy, she always gave 50 cents to her niece to buy something after service from the local store. Things were cheap back in the 70s and 80s, so you […] […]