Be With Someone….

If I were to in a nutshell give a description of the type of person I would want to spend the rest of my life with, share my life with, this, in a nutshell sums it up nicely.  Let’s go through each of these.   Let’s start with the first one, someone you don’t have […]

Emotional Intelligence, Huh?

Connected to boundaries and discerning all of that is gaining emotional intelligence and they come in four areas.   Self is of course where to start, but can be one of the most difficult journeys to make.  We first need to know our life truth, even if it is uncomfortable or difficult to face because without […]

Who’s Running the Show?

The Italian news today had the tragic story of a disco that had a fire, and part of the problem was that the disco allowed may more people in that what the legal capacity was.  The other thing that struck me was that there were some moms in there, one of which died with her […]

Spiritual Path

When I saw this, it resonated.  We really are in our journey of life, of seeking God, seeking our truest self.  Sometimes it’s a very direct and clear road and other times not so, but the journey of questioning and discovery matters.  Having a core spiritual center and clear object morals and ethics also matter, […]

What Gets in the Way?

A lot has been swept under the rug and a lot done in the name of National Security, and for the welfare of the people.  Both parties have done it, but it seems the DNC makes a friggin habit out of it and as the Party veers more and more Left, as Academia shows more […]

Why Am I on Board with RNHA?

Today I met up with some fellow MAGA patriots from the Republican National Hispanic Assembly, which welcomes Hispanics and Non Hispanics  Why is this fight so important to me? My faith of course which says i must steward this great gift given by the Lord which is America, all the ideals it encompasses, including law […]

Happy 4th of July, Maybe

The founders of this nation understood very well that the Documents that started us on the road to being this quite exceptional Republic and one nation under God were only as virtuous as those willing to fight to uphold them.  These men were very clear in their faith as evidenced by the following  On this […]

Is it Really Love and Compassion? Sin is missing the mark, that’s what it is.  There are boundaries, lines one should not cross etc… and when they are crossed, and destruction comes to a person, to society, when that crossing of lines, boundaries, morally, ethically etc.. brings pain, heartache, destruction etc… the mark has been missed, sin has occurred.  […]

Freedom in America Freedom in America Isn’t really free; We often pay a price To keep our liberty. Remember those we loved, Who fought for us, and died; And those we never knew For whom others mourned and cried. At home our “war” for freedom Is sadly overdue; We’ve let corruption stage A sad and grievous coup. […]

Why Common Values, Culture Matter We often hear about the glue that keeps things together and ties that bind, well a common heritage, history, common values, Judeo-Christian values, ethics, Catholic Bioethics even kept the Western world were the common bonds, was the glue.  It matter, matters a great deal.  As they got tossed int he trash for the sake […]