Beyond Denomination, Yet Anchor Firm

Christ Consciousness

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As the holidays near, I find myself thinking about home, where is home, where is home spiritually, emotionally?  What label to I wear, and what is my anchor, what is my spiritual identity? 

It has truly been like going through a labyrinth, a maze of twists and turns my whole life.  I guess the anchor, the firm anchor of belief is Christ, and also the Trinity, in a sense the Apostles Creed.  When it comes to the church itself, I see not any denomination, I see the rock as the truth, not a denomination that Jesus was talking about.  When He told Peter that upon this rock he would build the church, he meant that revelation of Him as the Christ, of Him as Messiah, and also of that faith that would carry the church through, even if those in it had moments of crisis.  As i look at myself, my life I realize that has been my anchor, my own story, that no matter what the crisis, even moments of spiritual drought, my anchor for getting through life’s dark times, was Christ, faith in His completed work at the Cross and beyond.   What about church, where is home?  As I think about it, I have a sense of the type of church I envision and this is what I envision.

The church I see myself being a part of is one where there is a strong support for Israel, one where there is firm Christ and Gospel centered church life and it’s not about climate change, so called modern day social just, warped feminism,  or any of that malarkey.  It’s a place where there is plenty of prayer and where artists, worship artists, where true artists of faith can thrive, can grow.  It’s a place that has small group bible study, connect groups and people live out the bible and conservative principles in their politics and their lives.  They seek to share the Gospel, even when people don’t feel comfy with it, and partner with other groups of solid conservatives to share the Gospel, really provide a range of services to those in the church and community.  They are not about denomination, not interested in the church conforming to the world, but conforming the world to the Gospel and Gospel Truth.  That is what I am seeking, and hopefully find it this holiday.  I still respect my heritage, and it will always be a part of my history, nothing will every change that, nothing.





Role of Christ Consciousness in Identity


In my last article I talked about Christ Consciousness through us. How we can realize the fact that the true God is not outside but within. As I move further with topic, I would like to ask you a thing. How many times have you faced identity crisis? How many times you wanted desperately to become someone you hoped to be and found out later that you had become someone entirely different? What is it that I hear? It never happened to you? Well if it did, this article is here to help you. If it never happened, I tell you there is still a treat in store for you.

Christ Consciousness as described by many is a state of enlightenment, divine merge with God. It is an important fact to be noted that the enlightenment reaches not to us by automatic process, rather we choose to evolve. Everyone faces spiritual crisis and hardships in life. All signs can be easily ignored should we go back to our unrefined old selves. It is us who choose to see where we need changing in our thinking and life pattern.

For proper transformation spiritually, we have to admit the fact that we change in our consciousness as well as our identity. Christ Consciousness is as described a divine process of enlightenment. It is state of merging with God. I told you in my last discussion that Lord Jesus taught us the divine truth. God is within us. We have access to God power as much as the next person may that be a religious or a normal colleague. That being said, what about our identity? Now here is what the topic becomes really interesting. Our identity is who we are. As we spiritually ascend our former selves, we realize that boundaries between us and God are becoming blurred. God is within us. As St. Teresa spoke of transformation being process of finding self in God and God in self. Then what is self originally?

It is to be told to the dear reader that Christ Consciousness is not the root of confusion between God and self. Quite the contrary! We realize how through seeking change within us, we are imperfect. How much we have to realize that the only way to reach God is through self-seeking process. We realize that each human is a walking treasure. Each human being has God within self. As we awaken, we become more aware of our likes and dislikes as we are challenged to change them. We realize the divine truth that God accesses each of us separately. No two souls are same. Our soul is manifestation of Lord’s love. Every person has a different role to play. Therefore, God has different enlightenment planned for everyone. What may work for me, may not work exactly same for my brothers and sisters. Therefore, through self-seeking, by realizing our own potential and essence, we solidify our identity and then reach the God within.

A Prayer For You

We often fail to grasp the beauty of prayer for another, or don’t think of how powerful it might be to have others know we pray for them, meditate for them, wish them blessings.  I hope we will pray for not only ourselves but others also.


Prayer for My Sister

Essentials for Enduring Well


As I came across this article I felt it was apt to the news of what happened in Manhattan these past days, my neck of the woods as they say.
By: Christine Smith
Usually, whenever people get sick their overall attitude about the world turns from rosy to gloomy. When feeling ill most people are not excited about anything and look at most tasks as a chore. They do not talk much. They feel pessimistic. They dwell on their misery, pity themselves and feel there is no escape. This is exactly how Satan wants us to feel. He wants us to be miserable, just like he is. By adding a positive perspective and focusing on our eternal destiny, we can rise above this despair, knowing that such privations are minuscule and benefit us by strengthening and refining us.

Strong faith is the foundation on which a strong will to endure must be built. By developing unwavering faith in Jesus Christ, we will be better able to endure adversity well. Coupled with faith we must also have determination. Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary defines determination as “the mental habit of settling upon some line of action with a fixed purpose to adhere to it; adherence to aims or purposes; resoluteness.” The phrase the dictionary uses to put the word in context is “a man of determination.” Let us be men and women of determination, strictly obeying the commandments of our loving God; determined to succeed no matter what obstacle is placed in our paths.

In order to endure trials well, we must have discipline. We must not let ourselves become enslaved to TV, the Internet, video games and other frivolous pursuits. By engaging excessively in such distractions, we are idling away our precious time. With discipline, we can refrain from such amusements and engage in more worthwhile activities. By instituting stricter discipline in our lives, we will be better able to withstand the vices we could fall into in attempts to escape our trials.

Prayer is also essential in endurance. We must humble ourselves, get on our knees and thank Heavenly Father for all of our blessings, even our trials. Furthermore, in the midst of our trials we should pray for the strength to endure. If we have the necessary faith, determination and discipline, our prayers will be answered and we will receive the strength we seek.

At the end of the movie Return of the Jedi, Luke Skywalker demonstrates many characteristics essential for endurance. First, he obeys the command of both Yoda and the ghost of Obi-Wan Kenobi by facing his father, Darth Vader, so that he can complete his Jedi training. While on the forest moon of Endor, Luke surrenders himself to The Empire’s guards, who take him to Darth Vader and The Emperor. He shows the courage of faith in the encounter, not knowing beforehand how the meeting will end or even if he will make it out alive. He has a determination to succeed, faith in The Force and faith that there is still good in his father. As the meeting begins, the Emperor tries to incite anger in young Luke by showing him the beating the Rebel force is taking outside the Death Star. The Emperor’s tactics work for a little while as Luke engages his father in a duel with their light sabers. After cutting off his father’s hand, Luke allows discipline to take over, throws his light saber to the ground and announces to The Emperor that he will never turn to the Dark Side. Seeing this, The Emperor tells Luke that since he will not turn to the Dark Side he will die. The Emperor then starts shocking Luke with what looks like lightning coming from his fingertips. Luke exhibits longsuffering in enduring The Emperor’s wrath. Unable to watch The Emperor kill his only son, Darth Vader feels compassion and with his last ounce of strength picks up The Emperor and throws him down a seemingly bottomless shaft of the Death Star. Luke’s faith, determination, discipline, obedience and longsuffering help him endure and succeed.

Seldom will we know the reason we undergo specific trials while they are happening. Later on, when the tribulation has passed, looking back we realize why we needed to go through it. In this life we will constantly be tried. We will be given line up on line the experiences necessary to prove ourselves faithful and strengthen us while on our eternal course. Whenever discouraged, we need only to remember the supreme example of endurance, Jesus Christ, who suffered more than anyone of us will ever will without a single complaint.