Life Lesson 40 and 41

45 life Lessons

Often we get so stuck in what was, or wasn’t, don’t have etc.., and I’ve been there myself., more than once.  Problem with that is you don’t get to live life, only re-live what was or wasn’t, a loop that plays over and over.  You end up literally stagnant and stuck where you are, unable to move forward, unable to really live life, be part of life, so you end up just an observer of life.  It’s not a good place to be, not for spirit or the soul, both need to be living, actually living.   How do you do that?  You show up, you make a conscious effort to make changes, even if small ones.  Often best to start with small changes, rather than huge ones.   One thing I have come to realize is that despite the fibromyalgia if I want to not be stuck, then it’s important to live life, to implement that wellness plan.  Yes, I will discuss my wellness plan with my doctor, but overall, it’s a good plan, and I think the doctor will agree to it, even if minor adjustments are made. If I want people to know who I am as an artist, as a coach, well I need to show up, need to join associations, go to events, even when I may not always feel like it.  I have to show up for life, not just observe it. I hope we can all learn to show up and live life, not just observe it. 

Namaste, Shalom, and Amen

Life Lesson 38 and 39

45 life Lessons

People talk about a legacy, leaving a legacy for others, and they build monuments and think about the material aspect of a legacy, of fame and fortune aspect of a legacy or activism as their legacy, all of which have their merit when property motivated and stewarded etc..What do many of the scriptures and legends teach us about legacy and what matters? What would a lot of people tell you matters most at the end of their life? Some might think of the material, but many would say the most precious thing is the people they love and who loved them.  Love really is the greatest legacy we have.  We do have to be discerning in the love we share because love has to be shared in a way that is healthy for all, that empowers others, inspires others, creates a certain independence to want to explore their own talents, gifts, path and vocation, keeping in mind what the bible says about what love is.  Doesn’t mean no boundaries, no law, no. Love comes in many forms, even in the form of songs, poems shared, the love put into building homes for people so love can come in many ways.  To love and be loved is the greatest gift we have, the greatest legacy and should be wisely applied, discerned and understood. 

What legacy would we maybe not want to leave future generations? Envy is something I hope we would not leave current or future generations with.  Envy steals the soul of the ability to find one’s own path, one’s own joy, one’s own inner peace.  Envy says I am a scared child who has this empty hole in me and I think things will fill it, titles will fill it, so I envy. If you have kids or any young family members that are around you a lot, envy is a poison I would hope you would not want to pass on. Rather I would hope you would pass on much more attractive qualities. Not only for your sake but for everyone’s sake. 

Shalom and Amen

Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual Awakening

We are not all at the same stage spiritually and that’s okay, God made us all as individuals, so wherever you are is fine.  Think with spiritual awakening is it’s a bit like grief, we can go in and out of stages, back and forth as we make the journey, so I have gone through these stages in and out back and forth, as I have explored my relationship with the Holy Trinity, with Religion.  As I work out my plan for wellness, which after my hypersensitive reaction to even light exercise has to now be adjusted, which I” discuss”  I find that I am in no way moving away from the core of the Christian faith, from my belief in the Trinity, as Christianity to me makes sense,  At the same time, I find that certain Eastern Practices calm me, help me, certain meditation and spa music helps me and is good for me.  I find that I am moving between two worlds of the arts and coaching, trying to figure out how to intertwine the two. It’s definitely a process and a journey, so if you find that you move to stage seven then suddenly move into stage four again, then back to stage seven, it’s okay, at some point you will be long-term in stage seven. It may happen for some sooner than others, and that’s okay. 

My wellness, The gym, even with light exercise and a trainer, went badly.  I should have listened to my dear friends who have chronic health issues, but live and learn.  What will I do now? Simple adjust, simply adjust.  I will start with what I have at home, the fitness twisting board, light massage therapy, then acupuncture, group meditation at a nearby Buddhist center perhaps, then yoga, then we will see beyond that.  Getting on to a healthy diet is also important, so seeing a nutritionist, paramount.  Part of the journey of life is adapting, so you adapt, adapt to change, change in circumstances etc.., doesn’t mean your core beliefs have to change, not for me. 



Fallout, Good or Bad?

Northern Lights

Often in life, we will do our best to make things work, give situations, people, relationships chance after, after chance to work, and we do it for any number of reasons. I am not saying give up at the first sign of trouble, but often we are so afraid of fallout if we make changes, walk away from what is dead, burnt toast, what can’t be salvaged, or is harming our ability to grow as a person, spiritually in every way, making us consistently miserable, so we wait it out, hoping a miracle will salvage it.

The problem with that is that the longer we wait, the longer we chew on burnt toast so to speak, the greater the fall out when it just reaches a point of breaking, where we just are forced to change things or walk away.  It’s like getting a cut and hoping it will heal, or just running water over it and thinking that can disinfect it, it can’t.  The longer you let that cut go, the more the chance of a deadly infection.  Often we think we are doing the noble thing for others by staying where things are dead, where there is no life, no deep connection etc.., it is so burnt out, can’t be salvaged, though we have done our best. What of the others? Those others may actually be hurt more the longer one waits, tries to force things to work that can’t. All we can do is give it our best, but after we have done, really given it our best.

The longer we wait, the greater the fall out when it just reaches a point of breaking, where we just are forced to change things or walk away. Often we think we are doing the noble thing for others by staying where things are dead, where there is no life, no deep connection etc.., it is so burnt out, can’t be salvaged, though we have done our best. What of the others? Those others may actually be hurt more the longer one waits, tries to force things to work that can’t. All we can do is give it our best, but after we have done, really given it our 150%, and so has the other party or if they haven’t but we have, whether it’s career or personal life related, that is all we can do. I realize now that I did myself and mom a great disservice by not going out on my own. I felt I had to stay because duty and obligation, her not speaking English well, how could I just up and go have a life, leave her alone. In doing that, she never got out there to learn English, to make friends, build a community for herself. By my staying, I did no service to myself or her. When we see clearly something is burnt toast, DOA, can’t be salvaged, we need a plan and we need to have the courage to walk away. Yes, there will be some chaos maybe, some hurt, but in the long term, it will be positive for everyone, though it may not seem that way at the time. Something to think about.

Life Lesson 36 and 37

45 life Lessons

Are you like the IRS in terms of your life, constantly scrutinizing every aspect of your life, of the could have, should have, if only etc…?  Are you your own worst critic and nightmare? Well, join the club.  You are not alone, and I used to be that way.  I have had a hard time not letting my past mistakes be a wall that kept me stuck in that past and not moving forward in the way I truly felt I should.  I know that no one can move me forward but me.  Yes people can encourage, guide etc.., but ultimately through daily spiritual practice, wellness, meditation, prayer, forgiving self in the knowledge that the Creator has forgiven me and wishes me to live a better, wiser healthier life, make wise choices for my own sake, I can let that wall completely crumble, but I know it’s not going to happen overnight.  Still if I never get started, it never will, which is why joining the gym was important to me, and starting the yoga, regular exercise will be important, shift the energy, mindset, and thus life. Doesn’t mean a perfect life, but one not stuck in a loop of auditing myself and my life constantly based on past mistakes, learning from that, moving forward and not repeating those mistakes, making better choices, wiser ones.  That will mean figuring out what to let go of whether that’s people, places, particular belief structures.  The one thing I can never release is a belief in God and the overall holistic understanding of life lived according to the Ten Commandments.  God is just logical for me, as nothing could have been created, organized etc.. even the laws of gravity and science without a brilliant mind and seeing the human struggle of good and evil Biblical understanding of life, even if strictly at a metaphysical level is what makes sense and is logical.  Certain things will probably always remain a part of my life, but I am at  place in life where I am looking at things from a wellness and holistic perspective more than a theology perspective, so for example certain biblical truths make sense from a wellness and science viewpoint for me anyway.  For others it may not be that way, but I can only believe what I trust in my core being to be true.  Even if organized religion, or religious bureaucracy , the uber liberal direction of the Roman Catholic Church doesn’t sit well with me and is not appealing to me, nor the layers of bureaucracy,  and I may let that part go, doesn’t mean there is nothing of value to learn from the traditional teachings. Reincarnation, that just doesn’t jive for me, this endless loop of coming and going, back and forth etc.., meditation, a certain detachment, as Jesus taught, in but not of the world, yes, but reincarnation, doesn’t jive, this constant loop.  Again, I am looking at everything now, seeking to look at it from what makes sense, truly makes sense based on what I see in this struggle of good and evil, what makes sense to embrace philosophically, metaphysically and scripturally, spiritually for holistic wellness and that of society, including in regards to sexuality?  That is how I am seeking to make decisions, even in regards to matters of faith.  As I make my journey through the rest of life, I have to be careful not to be an IRS auditor in overdrive in my life and make decisions based on holistic wellness and what truly authentically makes sense, rings true, such as Capitalism, Never Marxism, Never Socialism. 

Shalom and Amen

Knowing When To Redirect

You've Done It Before.jpg

Life has a way of kicking you in the pants so to speak when you need to make changes and when my allergies hit this time around it was not like other times, it was hard and I am still after five weeks dealing with full fibro flare ups, crashing etc…, not fu.  My voice is awful, so doing any seminars etc.. is not an option right now, so what do I do?  One of the important lessons in life is knowing when you need to redirect your energies, life etc.., even if just for a while.  For now, until March of 2019 where will I be directing my energies?  Well..

  • Exercise and wellness, joined a gym, signed up for personal training five sessions so I can have a plan of wellness and light exercise, yoga, healthy Fibrmyalgia planned out that I can follow
  • More writing, creative writing, have pushed that to the side, haven’t felt very inspired, so will try to get that old magic back
  • Writing out seminars and deciding on longer term programs to offer as well for March and beyond
  • To be the best me I can be, I need to be in a good place of wellness on all levels, so getting to the gym, working out a good healthy diet for the fibromyalgia, organizing ahead of time what I want to offer, getting it in writing is a smart thing to do

I will be sharing my journey of wellness as I start going to the gym again after a long absence, and will start getting back to poetry writing and recording.

Shalom and Amen


Everything You Do

Everything You Do

As a kid, even as a teen, you are not in a position of full discernment when it comes to decision making, but life is a journey one where discernment of decisions etc… comes from being able to step back and say “is this for my greater good and the greater good, is it respecting boundaries etc..?” Yes nurture, type of nurture, and all that plays a role in shaping you, but when does the scapegoating end?  When do we take responsibility for our life choices, stop blaming God, Parents etc.. At what point does one take ownership of one’s life, one’s decisions etc..?  Hopefully early on in life.  It’s easier to play the blame game, and it means you don’t ever have to grow up, make the hard choices or even accept the consequences of any choices you make when they go wrong, or if they were clearly the wrong choice.  It’s important that we be able to make the choice, with reflection, informed, with clarity and accept the results, consequences etc…Yeah, it’s not always fun being all grown up, but staying in wonderland forever is kind of a sad place to be.  I hope we all can come to that place where we honor wisdom, discernment etc.. and the fact that at a certain point in life whatever choices we make we own and the consequences as well. 

Shalom and Amen


Faith and Wisdom, Great Marriage

Emotions and Meaning

Faith and Wisdom truly a marriage made in heaven, when the journey is made with integrity and willingness to actually learn and understand.  Faith should never be blind faith or faith just because your family has always been whatever religion they are.  I have been on a journey, gone through a maize, long and winding road looking at religious traditions and faith, what it means to me.  I respected my family’s Roman Catholic faith tradition, but i felt I had to explore and know if that was truly the faith I knew to be truth and in line with the scripture I believe to be the  Spiritual and Objective Truth that can guide life wisely.  It took me a long time and even my sort of saying to God, well I can do it all my way and life will be awesome, don’t really need you, though I do believe you exist and the scriptures.  It took my banging my head, in terms of life experience, a few times and very unpleasantly to really come to see what faith is all about, to see what it is about for me.  For me faith, spirituality, and choice of Roman Catholicism comes from the understanding that scripture being Christian is a way of life, coming to understand that.  The Cannon of the Catholic faith which is distilled through a multi faceted lens, including sociology, and science offers a holistic picture of objective truth and how to live one’s life.  Wisdom comes from experiences, from having gone through a journey of self reflection, reflection of ,one’s life, the ups and downs, choices made, consequences of those choices and alignment with scripture and the RC Cannon.  When I look at that, my life, my choices etc.. I realize that a part of life, I did not operate with fullness of wisdom, of truth, emotional discernment and such.  That had negative results for my life, for me as well.   So in my wisdom, understanding all this, I realized objective truth is extremely important in how I live my life, the choices I make, realizing that they can not be made on emotion and what I want, my in the moment whims of what I want and only that. Faith in objective truth, in how that helps to live a life that gives guidance in order to make smart choices is very important.  At least for me it is and with that I can plan my near future with great clarity, even as I am firm in Christ in the moment. It is truly a blessing. 

Shalom and Amen

Tired, Ready to Quit?

Don't Quit

It’s been a long and winding road and I have had faith that upon finding my true path, calling life would turn around, I could say goodbye to all reliance on government, once and for all, I could see an abundant life, not only financially, but in every way.  The fibromyalgia, however, pushing through it day after day has temporarily worn me out, so where I don’t write songs anymore, though I did have an inspiration for a poem, which I recently recorded and posted on soundcloud.  As I read this poem I came across, it resonated with me.  I am promoting the blog, the upcoming webinar, doing my best to change my life, my financial picture, yet no changes, so it would seem.  That is not entire true, not really.  I’ve made the decision to change my path of wellness, will be discussing this with my doctor, seeing about going to homeopathic remedies.  I am determined to be proactive, so I looked up gym and spa membership near me, found two potential candidates.  I will check both out, see the vibes I get and start on the path to change because for anything to change, I need to first make changes within my own self and lifestyle.  Quitting, saying I am tired and just giving up would be the easy way to go, but then Fibromyalgia and the Devil would win, something I refuse to allow.  Is quitting and option?  No, no it is not.  That’s not to say I won’t take it easy on the exercise understanding the limits of Fibromyalgia, but quitting is not n option.

Coaching Credentials

These are in addition to my credentials as a Metaphysical, Christian Minister, in Hypnotherapy, and as a holistic energy healing practitioner.  I am studying with udemy to certify as a transformational coach and in NLP.

Group Coach Certificate Udemy

Chakra Meditation Certificate


Be Own Life Coach

Self Hypnsis

Group Coach Certificate Udemy

Life Coaching 101

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