Happiness, Tips For the Journey PII


What other habits do successful and happy people share?  Patience and Ritual, not obsessive or religious necessarily.  Let’s start with patience.  We are an instant gratification society, so when working on a goal we can easily lose patience with even ourselves, with those collaborating with us on our goals, with everything around us.  We can lose patience so very easily and sabotage it all.  I am not saying don’t set some kind of realistic timeline, but some amount of flexibility is necessary, adapting to things that can occur outside our control.  The other thing that happy successful people have in common is life affirming rituals, starting the day with a ritual that gives you a positive outlook, affirmations, mediation, even if just for five mutes, prayer, something positive, a healthy breakfast along with gratitude for the new day and life affirming ritual at the end of the day.  Me I start and end my day with meditation, one I created of affirmations and thanks.  Stabilizing rituals for the heart, spirit and soul are important, even monthly rituals of taking stock of finances, things that put you on solid ground.  In the beginning you may not stick to it and it may take a while before it does become routine to be patient and have these life affirming rituals, but it does make a difference.  Whatever grounding something you can find at the beginning and ending of the day and ways you can find to bring yourself to a center of patience, even reading proverbs about patience when you feel you are going to lose it in any given moment, will help you on your path of success.


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Happy Thursday.  I wanted to update everyone on what is going on with me and what I am working on.  

In regards to the seminars, I really hope that for future, you will register for any online seminars I offer.  I really would like to have a minimum of 15 people.  I will schedule it for May or June, the next one and provide the link once I have at least 15 people registered.  As for the music, I decided to put all the songs in one place, sell all my works in one place, so all my songs and meditations, spoken word material will be sold on my bandcamp site https://katherineappello.bandcamp.com/, which will be fully set up by Monday, that’s the plan.  I am dealing with some fribomyalgia stuff, my right foot is bandaged, have to say off it for a few days, try to as much as I can.  That is frustrating and this diet where I have  print out of three pages both sides, of what I can and can’t eat, is annoying, as I have to take the list with me every time I go shopping.  I have to make sure any product I by is GMO, Gluten Free, Soy and Wheat Free, also Lactose Free.  It’s been a frustrating, but also good week, as I decided to streamline things.  I refuse to let it knock me down, rather keep me down.  That’s the latest and I hope to have new songs up for sale and the bandcamp  site fully up by Monday.


Is The Fire Within Brighter Than…?

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Fires will burn around us emotionally and on many levels in our lives and around us.  What determines the outcome, the future is whether the spiritual, faith power, and desire to live according to clear boundaries etc.. is stronger than the fires around you directly or indirectly.  What will determine also how you come of things, react is your mindset, worldview even in connection to your faith.  If you don’t have a clear understanding of boundaries, and other aspects of righteous justice etc.. vs. unrighteous justice etc… we will add fuel to any fire, and a small fire can turn into a blaze.  If for example we are always in a victim, anger, bitter about anything, even the past mindset or one of constant rebellion against righteous authority, won’t take responsibility for your actions etc.., it won’t turn out well, nothing will, especially if you don’t have clarity on righteous and unrighteous justice.  For example if we give everything and everyone high esteem, you can’t discern anything wisely because not all thing are of substance, ethical, righteous and all that jazz.  If we want to truly have value in our lives, society, we must have discriminating taste in all things, in all decision, choices.  Will that mean some will get offended, feel offended, slighted?  Yes, but it is up to society, all the segments of society to teach us to be strong, to have discriminating discernment in all choices etc…, not the same as discriminating out of bigotry.  In life choices and decisions require discriminating discernment from early on in life and society has not been teaching that, neither have parent, schools, the Church in full force, out of fear of not being PC and it has harmed the fabric of society and lives.  I hope that changes in very constructive ways, to pursue our dreams, given vocations and path with faith, even when it doesn’t go smoothly, if we have discerned rightly what that path is our Creator wishes for us..


Latest NewsFlash

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The latest news, well here it is!

I have been featured on the following blogs and here are the links:



Inspiration, Philosophy, Poetry and Faith: Inspirational Guide.

That is what has been happening so far, and what’s coming up and what I’m working on?

  • Writing new pieces, material
  • Podcast interview -in the next two weeks
  • More blog and podcast tinterviews
  • Radio interviews
  • Summer live show- July Independence Day)
  • Christmas live show -Advent Season

That’s the latest news, God Bless and thank you for following!




Change in Date For Seminar

Peaceful Retreat

Please Note the Change in Date for the Seminar:  Moving Through Fear:

New Date:  April 25th

Time: 1:00 pm-2:00pm

With this week being Easter and Passover and all I realized it would not be the best week to do this, so I have moved it to later in the month.  To receive the link to particpate you will have to make your contribution through paypal, provide the email you wish to have the hangout link sent to.  Suggested contribution of at least $10.00


Intelligence, Is It About Books, Facts?


We often think of intelligence as knowledge of facts, as if knowing facts or being passionate about a cause, for the sake of the cause, makes for  intelligence.  Well, no it doesn’t.  Intelligence is not about how much information you know or retain, nor how passionate you are about a cause just because you are.  Intelligence is more complex than that, so when I came across this, ti really spoke to me.  When coaching, teaching, ministering, parenting,  in relationships, intimate ones, it might be a good idea to try and understand which of these intelligences a person is operating from, so we can interact accordingly.  I hope this chart can be helpful to us in our interactions with others, as interactions with others can be baffling at times.


Why oh Why We Ask Ourselves. Oy!

Free To Choose

As a nation, in governance, in who we elect, in our own day to day life we make choices, and we want the free will and freedom to choose, to decide. That’s awesome, great unless you make as we do in life dumbass choices.  Life is all about the series of choices we make, good, bad, ugly and yes our early years can influence that, as can other factors, but does that mean we have no choice in how we decide etc..?  Hmmm

My childhood was one of pain and sadness, torn between mom and dad, lots of junk that left my world turned upside down and left me feeling on very shaky ground, and then later on in life came the fibromyalgia, again turned it all upside down.  As I have said fears etc… from that influenced my life, the childhood stuff did have an impact but as I am 51 now and reflective of my life, I realize something.  I did have a choice, the choice to find a way, constructively to release all that baggage very early on and discover my greatest gifts, talents and map out a solid plan to move forward, seek out mentors to help me with that and push through the fears etc…I was a snowflake plain and simple, and impulsive of ten times, so life went in circles for most of it.  It was only when the fibromyalgia hit and hit hard that I was really pushed to examine my life, choices made, and realised we can easily fall into a trap and use the past as an excuse to justify lousy choices and decisions, even ancestral history.  With the Fibromyalgia I could have been a whiner, whining and decided I was a victim and how could God do this etc…all that crap, but I didn’t.  I chose after I got over the initial stages of denial and all that to pursue what I should have done in the first place in my life arts and ministry, tough love ministry, no sugar coating and if it went over well fine and if not, not.  Even my mom, love her, but I have given her some tough love when she has beomoned how destiny messed up her life, and destiny is why she married my dad (lousy idea, nice guy, but not for her at all) and all that.  I have given her some tough love and told her to not whine about it, nothing to do with destiny or God, she had opportunities, good ones in Italy to marry, but didn’t then at 40 something decided she should marry and get out the small town she was in, and without really knowing my dad well at all, to marry the guy.  I have pointed out in no uncertain terms that I love her, but anything that is her life now is down to her choices.  The same goes for me.  Yes choice is great, but choices, decision, even those to give into anger etc.. have consequences and we often love the notion of choice, but then get all pissed off if we have to face the consequences.  Getting pissed of at God, Life, Others is not going to help one bit, though neither is continuously beating yourself up.  Recognize that choice, decision, and reaction, even to when you are done wrong to, has consequence and you are going to have to or need to own up to it and suck it up.  It is fun, no, often it’s not, but whining and complaining, blaming, wanting revenge is not helpful and rather dumb.  I spoke in a previous post about righteous anger versus destructive anger, and it’s important to know the difference, and it’s also important not to make life about your being a victim, and those around you being victims, seeing victimization everywhere you turn because that will create perhaps not so pleasant consequences.  Choice, decision equals consequence and one of the problems with our society having created all these snowflakes is they don’t get this, so they will blame guns, blame everything under the sun, but won’t engage in any serious discourse of opposing ideas (doesn’t mean you force anyone to think your way or you have to change your way of seeing things), and see themselves and others as victims of something or everything, so we have a society that refuses to accept the chain of choice, decision, consequence as necessary for constructive, actual constructive action as regards their own life and society, they want others to fix everything, mainly government. Yikes!.  That is truly tragic.  We should not be afraid to make choices and decision, so long as they are not being driven by the past, by past baggage and that alone.  The past can inform us, so if you had certain experiences under certain circumstances, you know to avoid those in future, one would hope so anyway that the lesson had been learned.  The past and having a constant victim mentality is not going to lead to wise choices, decisions nor positive results.  Yes life will throw stuff at you, but it is the choices, decision made at that time and after that can determine the trajectory of the future.   One thing you should not be is a constantly whining snowflake blaming everything and everyone for the choices you made and the consequences.  Sometimes life puts in in situations where we have to make tough in the moment decisions, but we need to get centered, focused and make the decision that is constructive and not as a victim, but as one who has the ability to think, and choose, the ability to choose wisely if we do not choose, decide strictly based on past baggage.

Shalom and Amen