My Garden

  Life is like a garden, with layers and hidden treasures, we don’t always see at first glance everything that is in a garden.  The same happens with us and full awareness of the self.  It is up to us to develop different levels of awareness of the different facets of who we are emotionally, […]

Where Will I Focus It All?

As I look at my path of ministry, coaching, and all that jazz, beautiful jazz, I have to ask: ” well where to I want to focus, what do I want to focus on in my work?”  I realized that part of the reason we are so messed up is we are not being taught […]

Opportunity Knocking

We often chase opportunity and it eludes us, but sometimes when we just let go and trust God, opportunity comes to us.  I did an interview for Business Talk Radio and today I get a call that I am being given the opportunity to be a co-host, create a whole new show around coaching and […]

Baby Cries, Huh?

One of the things that a first time parent should probably develop is fine tuned hearing and I am going to create a meditation for that.  When babies cry, especially for a first time parent, it’s like going into a maze, it’s a mystery, what does that cry mean? Even with adults sometimes figuring out […]

Being Productive and A Mom

Whether you are a new mom, starting a business or a new job, whatever the case, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.   Part  of navigating is planning, but also flexibility, being able to change schedule as needed.  I have not really felt I could do a weekly plan, due to health issues, a few procedures, […]


Tomorrow I am having my partial hysterectomy and then there will be recovery period, but even as that is going on I have been a busy bee:   I am #1 in ranking on Number1Music, and I hope you have gone to the site and become subscribers That tells me I am doing something right […]

Reality Check

As a parent there are certain truths we must teach our kids, but also ones we must first learn ourselves and we may not always like these truths, but we must learn them, and so I want to go through them and touch on them, especially in today’s entitlement, snowflake and intolerant culture amongst our […]


This piece was sent to me and I am sharing it with you, this piece of wisdom. Namaste. Spoiling our children with new things stems from a feeling of lack in our own childhood. By Madison Taylor One of the greatest things about children is that they have the ability to entertain themselves for long […]

Do or Don’t?

Tone Tone, Pitch etc.. matter and with kids I am great at getting that right it seems, with adults, well I still have to work on it, as adults try my patience way too easily much more than kids to because adults ought to know better on stuff.  As a kid, you respond a lot to tone, […]

Parent First and Foremost

In this PC culture let’s start out with Parent advisory 101, you are not their BFF, their Buddy, the cool one, not your job.  Not to say they should feel they can come to you when they have problem and feel safe doing so, or that you won’t guide them through difficult times.  Parents have […]