What Gets in the Way?

A lot has been swept under the rug and a lot done in the name of National Security, and for the welfare of the people.  Both parties have done it, but it seems the DNC makes a friggin habit out of it and as the Party veers more and more Left, as Academia shows more […]

Founding Fathers, Christianity, Immigration Ummmm?

Social Justice Warriors and Others will insist that the Bible and God want Open Borders, that Borders, Nations etc.., that it’s fine to enter nations illegally if things at home are tough, lawbreaking is fine.  They will argue nations all of that is an invention of mankind, not of God.  Here’s the problem with that, […]

Why Am I on Board with RNHA?

Today I met up with some fellow MAGA patriots from the Republican National Hispanic Assembly, which welcomes Hispanics and Non Hispanics  Why is this fight so important to me? My faith of course which says i must steward this great gift given by the Lord which is America, all the ideals it encompasses, including law […]

Conservative, What Is That About?

I have what some would call a guilty pleasure.  I watch some reality shows regularly, particularly Sister Wives, Seeking Sister Wife, and I Housewives of Nj, and of NY.  I recently had read about a governor of Kansas I believe it was who is seeking to get government out of the marriage and marriage license […]