Happy 4th of July, Maybe

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The founders of this nation understood very well that the Documents that started us on the road to being this quite exceptional Republic and one nation under God were only as virtuous as those willing to fight to uphold them.  These men were very clear in their faith as evidenced by the following http://www.nationaldayofprayer.org/history_of_prayer_in_america http://www.shear.org/2017/03/14/the-bible-in-the-political-culture-of-the-american-founding/  On this day when we eat our hot dogs and hamburgers, watch the fireworks etc.., let’s not forget that those calling for the hunting down of Trump supporters etc…are not in any way America, are not in any way American, they are a foreign agent, a foreign entity that is contrary to our core foundations as a nation that looked to Scripture and God for counsel on the Republic, its’ formation and much more. Also, let us remember that the true vision of a free market CapitalistF Federalist Constitutional Republic can only be guarded, made sure to be lived dayin and day out in and out of politics by those who truly understand and embrace these foundations as our heritage.


Why A Declaration and Bill?

Constitution is To Refrain Covt

The this is is just one of many such quotes one can find as well as quotes such as this one:

Declaration and PRecepts of Christ


Why did they feel this way? Think Law and Order, boundaries, foundations.  Think of relationships, families, even a business.  Can any of these truly operate without a firm solid foundation of principles of operation?  Can they do so in any healthy way? No, not really.  When the framers, founders created the system of government, they realized that they had to have a firm foundation of law and order, they turned biblical principles found in Exodus, Romans and other biblical writings, as well as the writings of John Locke Locke was extremely interested in the Bible, and he was engaged by biblical theology and religion throughout his life, though atheists will argue otherwise. 

Importance of the bible.

A blueprint is important in any journey, and for our founders, creators of this Republic, please can we get this straight not democracy, republic, they used biblical principles as their guide and prayed often, so when any politician or activist decides they are going to throw away the principles of the Republic, the core, the Constitution, Federalism, the Supremacy Clause, all these things, they are throwing away our very identity, our very heritage.  When anyone tries to wipe out Christianity from America, remove any trace of the founding fathers, they are removing the very identity of America.   The immigration debate, all of it with Conservatives, including Evangelicals on the one side and Progressives and such on the other, so called Social Justice Warriors in government in the Churches fail to acknowledge that the Bible places restraints and boundaries, which our framers were very well aware of, hence us being a Republic, not a Democracy, which gives greater restraint, or is supposed to to government, and also in a sense to the people, so they don’t get into a great dependency on government, so they have minimal dependency on government and most of the charity and all that is left to community and faith institutions. The founders, framers understood you had to have clear boundaries in government, within government, between government and the people, hence the Second Amendment as George Washington pointed out:

Second Amendment Rights

Does this mean we don’t have any laws at all? No, but the framers were aware that a government is made up of people and people can get power hungry, can start to see the populace as, the little people who know nothing and we need to control, and two ways to control is create lawlessness, including end all strong sense of faith and religion in the nation and second practically or actually destroy the 2nd Amendment.  If you an destroy the moral restraint on a society, and anything goes, and then take away the 2nd Amendment, you break down family, all things tradition and then take away arms, right o bear arms, you can then have a dictatorship, even one disguised as democracy.  Free will is a very important gift given to us, so the money, sex, the guns, the internet, none of that is the problem, it’s the flaws of human character that are the problem, and when you take away any all restraints nationally, personally, on all levels, when law and order internally or externally no longer matter, when borders no longer matter, moral, national ones of any kind, we no longer have a society that functions.  The founders, framers understood this, which is why when a lady told one of the framers how wonderful it was we had a Republic his response was “if you can keep it”.  He was skeptical that the Biblical and Christian principles, the Constitutional, Bill of Rights, Federalist Republic would withstand human corruption and judging from the level of sin and crap going on in the world, in our own nation, he wasn’t just whistling dixie as they say.  I hope and pray we can learn about those principles, about law and order, even natural moral law and get out nation, our world back on track, destroy all socialism, all those crappy isms.   This I hope and pray.


How Does Lucifer Deceive?

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Scripture talks about snares, and deceit when it comes to Lucifer, who was once God’s most exalted angel and seems led the choir of angels, until he got all full of himself and decided he should be God, his way was bette than God’s way.  Any of this sound familiar to us, it should because we have all been there and may go to that place again in life, no matter how spiritual or religious we are.  Lucifer fancies himself quite the clever chap, and in some ways he is, why is that?

A match, that fire, that light can be used for good stuff, cooking, campfire, light candles if there is a power outage, so that light from the the match has good uses.  It can even keep you warm and save your life if you end up lost in the woods, provided you are responsible with it.  However, the Lucifarian  aspect of it is that it can also be used to cause deliberate damage, to harm others.  That light can be good or not so good, depending.  Use of talents etc… or rather misuse is one way Lucifer gets us into a heap of trouble in life.  Another is what we see happening a lot now, which is good is bad, and bad is good.  That’s the lesson of Genesis, that Sin can be wrapped up in a pretty box etc.., can present itself as really exciting etc.., and all kinds of justification found for it, and the good can be made to seem like such a drag, no fun, bigoted etc.. If you move with the secular, go with the flow of the moment, of any and all feelings in the moment, erase all construct of nature, law and order of nature, you are letting loose, freedom, the destructive is made to look like liberation.  Maintaining healthy boundaries, constructs is made to look like prison, everything negative, is mocked.  That flame that can cook etc…now the good uses are now presented as bad and the bad uses as good in a way.  We see this also in media coverage where journalism of “just the facts, true and accurate, vetted ten times over” nah, why bother.  Insuring you don’t destroy lives just to sell papers, for ratings etc…even with false facts is fine, says Lucifer.  The opening of the Embassy in Jerusalem a great example of this.  News outlets who are honest and journalists with integrity reported accurately that the terror group Hamas was inciting protestors along the Gaza border, that for 30000 years Jerusalem was known by all the world to be the Capitol of Israel.  Those who wanted ratings more than truth, who have a hatred of Israel, buy into the lies of Hamas, and the Arab narrative did not portray it that way.  MSN is now left with egg on their face because it turns out it is being directed etc… my Hamas, all the Gaza protest and all that.  https://www.conservativereview.com/news/medias-innocent-unarmed-palestinians-narrative-comes-crashing/?utm_source=footnotes-conservative-review&utm_medium=footnotes&utm_campaign=footnotes&utm_term=footnotes&utm_content=footnotes-conservative-review-May-16-18When Pompeo was in Korea when Trump announced what he did, the media, not those who had integrity, had a headline about Pompeo being AWOL.  Turns out he wasn’t that at all, he was in Korea negotiating to the very last moment the release of those three hostages.  In any number of ways, including lifestyle and sexuality, Lucifer is good at getting us to fool ourselves and each other and one way he does it is to convince the world that God and He, thus Sin, Missing the Mark don’t exist.  I find it funny that we don’t seem to grasp that the universe has laws of nature, sometimes they deviate, but those deviations, those harmful deviations are not celebrated, yet as regards lifestyle, our behaviors etc…seems even now in the Faith communities who claim they are of God and Scripture, those deviations from natural law and order are celebrated.  When I say funny, none of it is funny in a good way.  I do believe we can all come to realize we are missing the mark and do a turnaround, and hopefully that will happen more and more, rather than go the opposite direction for the sake of all of us.

Shalom and Amen

Why Common Values, Culture Matter



We often hear about the glue that keeps things together and ties that bind, well a common heritage, history, common values, Judeo-Christian values, ethics, Catholic Bioethics even kept the Western world were the common bonds, was the glue.  It matter, matters a great deal.  As they got tossed int he trash for the sake of PC, and kumbaya, as well as a false Social Justice Doctrine, it all has gone to hell in a breadbasket, which is truly sad.              

Hypocrisy, Where to Begin?

Liberal Logic.jpg

There a multitude of sins, but hypocrisy, which no doubt we have all been and at some point will all be guilty of, is probably one of the worst there is.  When it comes to the liberal side of the aisle sad to say, even now within the Church it is not a pretty picture, so I decided to delve a bit into it and here is a list of 20 hypocrisies I came across in an article.  This is just on the political and Hollywood end of things.
1) …it’s impossible to come to any sort of reasonable compromise with conservatives on anything, but that we can fix our problems with nations like Iran and North Korea by just sitting down and talking things out. 

2) …they’re the most compassionate people in society. Yet, in study after study, you find that conservatives give more of their money to charity than liberals. 

3) …they’re not racist despite the fact that they consistently support policies that have been several orders of magnitude more devastating to black Americans than the Ku Klux Klan. 

4) …we’ve all got to dramatically reduce our carbon footprint to save the planet. Yet, liberals like Al Gore live in big mansions and fly around in private jets while still maintaining their credibility with their fellow environmentalist libs. 

5) …they’re the people who are really looking out for women, but they strongly support sexual predators like Bill Clinton and they regularly hurl grotesque sexist insults at feminist role models like Sarah Palin who don’t toe-the-liberal-line. 

6) …we definitely need to have higher tax rates in this country. Yet many of Obama’s nominees and cabinet members, including the Secretary of the Treasury, don’t pay their taxes as is — and liberals are okay with that. 

7) …guns should be banned! Yet, while they want to take guns out of the hands of law-abiding Americans who live in dangerous neighborhoods, they believe liberal celebrities like Michael Moore and Rosie O’Donnell should be able to hire armed bodyguards. 

8) …they’re the ones who really care about educating children; yet time and time again, they support policies that hurt our kids, but help their political allies in the teachers’ unions. 

9) …running deficits are bad! After all, liberals ceaselessly took credit for the budget being balanced during the Clinton years and attack Bush for his profligate spending, right? Yet, despite the fact that Obama is running an unsustainable deficit so large that it threatens the future of the country, liberals are perfectly fine with it. 

10) …college campuses are supposed to be places of learning and intellectual openness, but they approve of conservative speakers being attacked and shouted down. 

11) …they’re gay-friendly even as they work to out gay Republicans and they often accuse the Republicans they hate the most of secretly being gay. 

12) …they’re the ones who are champions of free speech, but liberals want to silence their most effective critics on talk radio via the Fairness Doctrine. 

13) …they’re the ones who really want to stick to the Constitution. Yet, liberals buy into a “living Constitution,” which is nothing more in practice than substituting your personal opinion for what’s actually in the Constitution. 

14) …it was terrible for George Bush to detain terrorists indefinitely, to use extraordinary rendition to send them to other nations, and to withhold more photos of what happened at Abu Ghraib — but, when Obama did the exact same things, few liberals had anything to say about it. 

15) …we have to move away from sources of energy like oil, coal, and nuclear power towards what they believe are more eco-friendly power sources like wind power. Yet, whenever anyone tries to build a wind turbine, it’s almost always a liberal that attempts to stop it — just as Ted Kennedy did because he was afraid his yachting view might be spoiled if the ideas he championed were put into practice. 

16) …they’re courageous for speaking out against Republicans while Hollywood and the media cheer them on, but when the time comes to speak out against the abuses of radical Muslims, they’re terrified into silence. 

17) …when someone despises America, we need to ask, “What have we done to make him hate us?” — but, when someone despises liberals for what they’re doing to the country, they conclude that person must be ignorant, bigoted, or evil. 

18) …it’s morally abhorrent to put a serial killer to death, but that a mother killing her baby via abortion is merely a “choice.” 

19) …we have to count every vote, except for members of the military serving overseas, most of whom are denied their right to vote because Democratic politicians deliberately delay in sending out their ballots until it’s too late for them to be returned in time. 

20) …when they looked at information from our intelligence agencies and concluded that Saddam Hussein had WMDs, they were just mistaken — but when George Bush looked at the same info and drew the same conclusion, he was lying.


What About in Social Contexts and In terms of Social Justice?  What harm has this doctrine and dogma done to the Church and Society?

1. Stifled any real debate

2. Created an atmosphere of fear and intimidation

3. Destroyed Biblical truth and wisdom of society conform to God, not God to society’s whims and emotions

4. Created boogeymen and victims everywhere at every corner

5.  Created a totalitarian campus and educational society where the only opinions allowed are liberal ones and  conservative

6.  Constant paying for sins of the past by all for all generations, so there is no equality based on talents, gifts, skills etc…

7. The Church as an agent of ethical, moral restraint is destroyed as it becomes complicit in sin, debuacary etc… or it risks the wrath of the Left, of the Social Justice Warriors, YUKK!!!!

Yet we expect the Church to adhere to administering the Sacraments to all and if they don’t, then we get very upset, how can they refuse anyone, the nerve!  Excuse me?  If they adhere to biblical truth, if any Christian business owner adheres to biblical truth, to their faith, they are crucified, but yet we want all the Sacraments that come the institution based on Scripture, God’s Word with very clear moral codes, right?  Can we say humans are hypocrites loudly enough please, thank you because that is what that amounts to. 

Social Justice is hpoocrity like when we don’t want hight taxes, but we want the government to take care of us in every way, shape form, give us stuff, excuse me?  If you want the government to give you stuff left and right, then when they take all your money, shut up about it, zip it, don’t whine, don’t complain, suck it up.  On the other hand if we would like to do things very differently then we might actually have social and spiritual justice, but not sure we have the courage for it, not quite sure we do.











































faith is mocked etc..


True Learning, Bill of Rights, huh?

Northern Lights III

In the days of yore, there was a thing called learning, education and we had something called the Bill of Rights, not sure if anyone remembers the days of yore.  Education if one were to take it down to curriculum alone is to gain knowledge and such, but in days past those things were simply tools, but tools for what?  The actual goal is supposed to be to create citizens, citizens that honor the core principles of the founding of the Republic, that cultural and faith heritage.  It is supposed to train people, as should also the media, to connect the dots on all world events, insure freedom of citizens from the tyranny of government and others, that is the purpose of education.  That was the very wise understanding in the days of yore, as was the understanding that debate, even heated, with passionate very uncomfortable disagreement was crucial.  There are a number of reasons education is failing, money is not one of them, not really.  There are a number of them, such as disrespect for authority, for teaching and learning, a complex society of social media that can create all kinds of distractions, and problems, one size fits all curriculum and a curriculum that due to PC, everyone making everything about race, has removed the classics, very important for teaching, the sheer monster of bureaucracy that contorts to fit narratives and get funds, so that much of the discipline is gone.  The Bill of Rights is another thing that we have thrown in the trash and made Political Correctness has taken over, so there is no ability to discourse to debate with vigor, to agree to disagree.  There is an attack on the Bill of Rights, on We the People being a militia not to go to war, but to be empowered against harm. Once you start taking away the Bill of Rights even within education, take away Freedom of Speech, the ability to disagree, to debate, go through critical thinking and research, to understand that we don’t have to agree, we just have to have the accurate facts in front of us and we can then debate all that, in the end agree to disagree.  When education is just about testing, information, indoctrination of leftist activists, even to rewrite history, destroy faith, the whole culture of faith, our foundations, the destruction has begun and so unless we start really debating, discussing, all the facts made available, no lies by the media or academia, not trying to rewrite history or impose on students your views, unless we have a radical overhaul, even take the public out of education, we are in serious demise here.  Education cannot just be about facts and information, those things have to be a springboard to a much deeper learning and creating honorable citizens.  May those days of yore return and may we also honor that Bill of Rights, including freedom of religious expression (healthy parameters, no violence please), we don’t have a democratic republic.

God help us, truly help us because we will need it.


Talented Bloggers, Something For All

Peaceful Retreat

The Internet has brought great benefits, even with it’s downsides, to society, such as a range of bloggers to suit any taste, even in poetry, in all areas.  However, I do worry about accuracy in blogging, even journalism, a cautionary tale learned by the whole FISA debate and scandal going on.  I very much appreciate my fellow bloggers, who are passionate about their work, and for that I say Kudos.  I do hope that if bloggers are posting anything related to current events they are doing some solid research first, and that goes even in offering an opinion.  Another piece of advice I would give any blogger is to write about what they are familiar with first, but even when giving opinion, step back, be at least partially logical and level headed, not purely emotional.  Blogging, writing, coaching this stuff is something that can make for break reputations etc.., so let’s be as responsible as possible. 


Patterns, Even from a Biblical Perspective

7 Sevens in Revelation.jpg

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Life is often a pattern of behaviors, life’s outcomes are the result of a pattern of behavior.  This is not to say we are to beat ourselves up forever more. If you look at the scriptures, if you look at writing of poets, each has a style, a pattern of writing and anyone who knows literature can spot whose work it is pretty quickly if you present it without the author’s name.  On many levels life has patterns, relationships have patterns, we have patterns, The Trinity and how they operate, deal with things, also that has a pattern, and there is a DNA of apostolic history, of Patriarchy which God instituted, Christ upheld and women are to be a part of, in different ways, ways that matter, but not in the pattern that modern feminism insists.  Most things have some kind of pattern to them, the pattern can be constructive in our lives and society or not.  If we look at the shift of DNA in society with gender fluidity etc…, all of the shifts, trying to make God, Mother etc…, breakdown of tradition, of family, community close knit, can we say the shifts are constructive to lives and to society as a whole?  What about our own lives?  What patterns are we continuing that perhaps are destructive and not in congruence with sacred boundaries etc…?  Something to think about. 

Shalom and Amen

Confusing Jesus and Woodstock, OY!

Confused Face

The modern church and it can be seen in a number of denominations, or in leaders within denominations, including Roman Catholic, this redefining of Jesus, of the New Testament, of the core message etc..  How did they manage to screw it up?  It went New Age, this notion of line in the sand right or wrong, no objective morality, and turning Jesus into a fluffy dough boy. 

In essence you have to different personas, the a Woodstock style Jesus, a God fashioned after man’s desires and the actual Jesus of the Bible, a God that says, I don’t fashion myself or my moral codes after your wishes, the total opposite. The Woodstock Jesus is this fluffy all about love, and love alone kind of guy, so squishy, gooey and ohhhhh feel good kind of guy.  God suddenly is a woman, is devoid of any absolute moral codes, so is nature of man, and it’s just one hot mess.  Israel God’s beloved child is scorned, big NO NO.  All upside down.  The Jesus and God of modern church and society is just fine with killing babies, it’s anything goes really, no boundaries, no discipline, just love baby, all about the love.  For those who are parents with half or even half of a half of a brain, really?  If you have kids, it’s all about the love, only the love, nothing else, no boundaries, none, no consequences for their actions?  Really, then you are one lousy parent, let me tell you and you had no business having kids.  If one truly reads scripture in context, not cherry picking, then one clearly sees that there is no erasing of the 10 Commandments, of the core precepts of gender identity, marriage etc… in the New Testament, and that Jesus though he does forgive has a condition he expects be met along with that “sin no more”.  He expects that you clean up your act, we all do and he never says there is no hell, nor does he say there are many ways or paths.  He makes it clear if you have seen him, accepted him then you have seen, accepted God, and he his the only way, truth and life, so it’s very exclusive, contrary to what modern churches would teach, not all roads according to Jesus lead to heaven.  It’s him or nothing, no in between, and he is no fluffy, squishy dough boy teddy bear, and if you read Revelation, that is made quite clear.  Whether you take it on an actual literal basis or even a metaphysical basis, karma basis thing, as they say, karma is a bitch.  This notion of all about the love and only the love, no boundaries, no law and order, do as you please etc…, no.  In the church and society teaching this, it has done a great deal of damage to society, to people’s soul, even their heart.  Sad, very sad. 

I hope the Church in general will go back, properly learn about the Gospel, the Trinity, core biblical principles, including God being very clear about nation’s being sovereign, and his wish for there to be clear borders, sovereignty etc… and capitalism to be the way and truth of all economies, managed rightly, but never socialism.  For those who cite the sharing in the bible, get the context straight, includes clergy, get a brain, get the context straight, then read Paul who makes it clear you don’t work, you don’t eat and if anyone comes to the church etc… they are to work, contribute in any way possible, not leech off the church.  We need to get Jesus out of Woodstock and stop trying to mold God to be in our image, and mold ourselves to His.