Holidays, Fatigue and a Fall

The holiday season brought a fall on the way to church and pain, omes from day pain on top of pain.  The fatigue that in and day out with Fibromyalgia is not always easy to navigate.  This fall did not help the exhaustion that comes with fibromyalgia.  The thing that most scared me I think […]

The Isolation of a Syndrome As I look back at how fibromyalgia has most affected my life it’s most impact has been in isolating me in a sense.   I used to be an avid walker, used to participate in different activities, events, socialize, and slowly that was taken away from me, even going to Temple, to Synagogue, or to […]

What I Miss, Reclaiming It.

  Today I took a lovely long walk, something that many would take for granted.  For those with chronic health issues, syndromes it’s something that matters.  When a syndrome leaves you so exhausted, has you in pain on an ongoing basis etc…that you go stretches of time crashing in bed and not being able to […]

Is It A Heart Attack Yikes?

I have hypertension and am spiritually hypersensitive, when I get connected on a psychic conscious level to someone stuff happens, not always pleasant.  I have had incidents of hypertension and chest pain, mild angina attack, and other times I have had chest pain with no hypertension, so how do you know if it’s just anxiety […]

What Has Been Holding Me Back?

I had to wonder what has been holding me back from a relationship, from the arts, fully engaging and all that.  It has not been easy pinpointing what it is, but I am realizing it is two things.   One thing is expectations.  I have had a little voice that in the back of my […]

Realization About Fibromyaliga

There is a realization that I’ve come to about the fibromyaliga, and how it can affect the ability to put into practice the law of attraction.  I have also figured out how to overcome that I think. The main problem with the fibro is that they have found out that it really is a autoimmune […]

Fibrofatigue and Moving Forward

One of the worst aspects of Fibromyalgia is fatigue, constant fatigue and it can wear you down if you let it.  How do you not let it wear you down to where you just give up on everything? For me it’s a few things.  One thing that keeps me going is the connection I have […]

Love Me, My Fibro, & Sassy

I realized that I very want a wonderful guy to share my life with, and I am hoping that my prayers are answered and that this wonderful person comes forward and that journey begins soon.   However, embracing me means they also embrace my Fibromyalgia, which includes gluten sensitivity.  Fibromyalgia being a syndrome there is […]

Fibromyalgia Can’t Knock Me Out

Life is as Gump says a box of chocolates and you don’t know what you are going to get, on the one hand I have some really great stuff in my life, amazing people, my music, my writing and I had realized just how resilient I am, just how much of tough tukkus I am.  Anyone who […]

Pray For Me Tonight -A Poem Pray For Me Tonight -A Poem   There are days when the fog is go heavy, I can barely think through the day. There are days when it seems knives are being thrown at me every which way, but I wont lay down and die. Maybe it’s karma comin back to get its’ due, […]