The Fibro Blues

As I lay there on the sofa, wrapped up in my robe and blanket very late, As I pondered how I was losing more and more of myself, How I was losing more and more to this shadow, this cloud, Which never seems to dissipate, Sadness came over me, though I am usually quite a […]

Invisible, Not to Me

This is just for starters.  Pretty much my day is dealing with these symptoms, these issues.  When people ask why faith matters, faith in God, faith in community, in people who care about you being there for you matters, it’s because otherwise you are on a boat in the middle of storms, all alone, truly […]

My First Day On The Wellness Path/Gym

Today was my first day working with my personal trainer, Shaka, over at Crunch.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, and I woke up feeling ugghhh, with a bit of nausea, allergies still bothering me.  The session was really good.  We started out with an intake of my medical history, some sense of where I […]

Coaching Myself, Quite a Journey

Coaching myself is quite a journey, such as understanding my warrior soul, that’s a part of nature, this standing strong for what I believe in.  I have to realize that it’s important to know what battles to fight and why I am fighting them.  If I don’t know why Conservative values matter for example then […]

Paradise in the Journey of Thorns

I got my blood test results back and the results were thorns.  My thyroid was high, and all my vitamin and iron counts, low.  In addition my doctor expressed concerns about cysts in the pelvic and abdominal area, so change in thyroid meds, vitamin IV infusion twice a week for three weeks, and sonograms.   Thorns, […]

Quote and Relection

Please consider Premium subscription and also check out When I say that the fibroymyalgia has in a way turned out to be a great blessing some might think “she’s nuts”.  When I saw this quote, I thought, yeah, that’s me. As I reached the 50 year age mark, the fibromyalgia not letting, coming back stronger […]