Dark Room, Headphone, Numb, Yikes!

I had a dream this morning about someone I know and it truly pained me because I care about them as a person and what both of us hope to save in therms of our faith and an institution. When a dream shows me someone carrying a bunch of stuff, equipment, papers etc… and they […]

Honor Torah, Charity or Be a Capitalist Republic?

The Torah tells us we must perform Mitzvot, and we must care for one another, for the poor. It gives guidelines on that and on life in general, as does the Pentateuch in general. The Torah also makes it very clear that in government there must be separation of powers and one must not overshadow […]

Two Strong Connections, One Me

Two strong connections, two strong cords. ¬†One long past, yet because they still have you in their heart etc…you are still corded to them, through your gifts. the other present, yet not quite present, vague, lacking total presence in your life holding back, ruled by base instincts of fear and one or two others as […]

Important I Be There For Them, YES!!!

There a things as an empath, and intuitive that are quite comfortable, and no biggie, used to it, as I have had these Gifts of the Spirit as they are called since I was a little kid. ¬†However, as empath etc…, there is one thing that is hard on the body and heart for me, […]