April 25th Seminar Update

Hi everyone, As there were not registrants for this seminar, I have decided not to host it.  For any seminar, I would require at least 15 persons participating, pre-registered via Paypal with a donation that you feel reflects the value of it to you.  Hopefully future seminars will have that registration. Thank You, Katherine Appello

Don’t Forget to RSVP For the 4th

  Don’t Forget to Register, to RSVP!! Seminar:  Fear, Moving Through It Day:  April 4th, 2018 Time: Noon -1:00 pm ( we may run a few minutes over if necessary Suggested Investment:  $10 RSVP: paypal payment donation at bottom of page, please specify for o Venue:  Google Hangout, link:  https://calendar.google.com/event?action=TEMPLATE&tmeid=MXJiNXBvcDcybmthNXAxbjkzaGpwcTl1MHQgYXBwZWxsb2NvYWNoQG0&tmsrc=appellocoach%40gmail.com The seminar will discuss fear, types …