Meet and Greet

September 1, 2020, 1 pm Meet and Greet Join me for a brief presentation on Clarity some music related to the theme, brief meditation, spiritual non denominational, and Q&A.  It will be on fb live via my kappello inspiration page.  Hope to see you there. Bless

Christmas Hymn and Holiday Holly

Event Link The magic of the Holiday, of Christmas, an almost whimsical time, with the whimsy, the wonders of the Spirit getting lost a bit. Join this Bentley Records NYC artist for an afternoon of the Spoken Word, of the Season of Christmas, of Winter. There will be original pieces by the artist and […]

What Is Coming Up In This Coaching Hub

  What can you expect to see coming? Good question? I think so.  One thing I am working on is getting my ZOHO CRM integrated with this blog, so that I can streamline everything in one place. The goal is to integrate it all into one, so I can host meetings everything on this blog platform.  […]

October/November Plans

  September and October what am I  planning, offering? For September: Poetry Jam via youtube hangout of my new material, donation via the blog For October/November:  Mini seminar on letting go for October Two Part seminar/workshop of celebration of goals achieved and looking at goals for the new year in November, via Youtube/Google Hangout or […]

Communion and Union with Miracles

  Yesterday was my cousin’s son’s First Communion and as I participated in the celebration after in her home, though I had not been able to attend the service due to a fibro crash, I realized why ritual, even if it’s a daily blessing from parent to child, a meditation for 5 minutes morning and […]

April 25th Seminar Update

Hi everyone, As there were not registrants for this seminar, I have decided not to host it.  For any seminar, I would require at least 15 persons participating, pre-registered via Paypal with a donation that you feel reflects the value of it to you.  Hopefully future seminars will have that registration. Thank You, Katherine Appello

Change in Date For Seminar

Please Note the Change in Date for the Seminar:  Moving Through Fear: New Date:  April 25th Time: 1:00 pm-2:00pm With this week being Easter and Passover and all I realized it would not be the best week to do this, so I have moved it to later in the month.  To receive the link to particpate […]

Don’t Forget to Register for the 4th

Don’t Forget to Register for the Google Hangout Live Seminar on April 4th .  If you are gong to attend you have to register, so please make your contribution to the seminar of whatever amount you feel comfortable with, suggested contribution $10.00.    The seminar will look at the following regarding fear: Types  Sources Patterns […]

Don’t Forget to RSVP For the 4th

  Don’t Forget to Register, to RSVP!! Seminar:  Fear, Moving Through It Day:  April 4th, 2018 Time: Noon -1:00 pm ( we may run a few minutes over if necessary Suggested Investment:  $10 RSVP: paypal payment donation at bottom of page, please specify for o Venue:  Google Hangout, link: The seminar will discuss fear, types […]

April 4th Mark Your Calander

Date:  April 4th Time:  Noon Location:  Google Hangout Seminar: Theme:  Fear and Moving Through It Location:: Google Hangout RSVP By March 29th:   Paypal $10 constribution This seminar will look at the different types of fear, as well as the triggers, roots and then tools for moving through fear.  If you wish to then purchase a hypnotherapy mp3 […]