When Fear Keeps One From Connecting

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Often the Holy Spirit will enlighten me through dreams, and this morning I had one that gave me insight into why a collaboration might not work, no matter how much I might or would ever want it to.

For creative and such collaboration to really work, especially long term and in the spiritual realm, there needs to be a real connection, real opening up on all levels, even a deep connection and thread of friendship, exploration of things etc… as a team.  If even one of the team has a wall, is too scared to make any deep connection, fully open up, engage in really getting to know the other, there is not a totally joint and coordinated effort on all fronts, on all levels, then it will be hard to really have that collaboration, work.  This morning I had a dream that showed me the crux of why collaboration may not succeed, much as it pains me.  It is draining to try to build a connection when the other person has a wall you can as an empath etc.. see and feel, fear of connecting you can sense, emotions they won’t allow themselves to ever acknowledge in life.  At this point I have to pray and ask the archangel Michael and Raphael to help me with this, them to pave the way to a shift or something else.  I think that they have a big heart and with a deep connection made, exploring our culture together as a team and fundraising as a team, it could be great, but that has to all be mutually sought.  I don’t see that happening and so collaboration will be uneven and haphazzard, and with some success, but without a real and deep connection, real opening up in deep and healthy friendship, not sure how far the collaboration can go and how productive it will be.  I will invoke the assistance of the archangels, we shall see. 



The Bible Reliable? Let’s See..

Christ Consciousness

I like reliability, and that’s one reason I withdrew from most of my meet up groups because my fibromyalgia and Chronic fatigue meant I really could not reliably be involved in a bunch of stuff.  In terms of faith, why do I embrace the Bible and why have I come full circle to embrace it fully?  One factor is reliability and when I came across this article it resonated.  There is more that one could point out in terms of findings in archeology etc…, but this is a good start.

Is the Bible Reliable

By: Christine Bettridge

The Bible is a Book that is loved around the world. Its followers live in every country and in every climate. Those who read it regularly love its pages and often do not get enough of it. Many even devote their life to the study of it, going after many degrees. But is it a love well-placed, or is it an obvious blind-sidedeness? Is there some real proof that the Bible is reliable? Is it for the people of today?

If one is honest, and will take the time to honestly learn the truth, the answer is that there is plenty of proof about the veracity of the Bible. While there are many books that deal with the subject (apologetics), most know very little about them. This article will deal with how you can know that the Bible is reliable.

Its Claim To Reliability
This is most important, simply because if the Bible claims to be true and it isn’t, then it is not reliable. One of the many places that the Bible claims to be infallible is in Psalms 12:6,7, which says: “The words of the Lord are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times. Thou shalt keep them, O Lord, thou shalt preserve them from this generation for ever” (KJV). Here the Bible is spoken of as being as purified silver – having been refined seven times. In that day, a seven-fold purification process meant the silver had no dross, or error, in it. The next phrase shows how long it will be kept that pure – for ever.

After having studied the Bible for many years, and looking at it with open, and believing eyes, many find it to be just as was predicted – without error. Here are some ways that we can know the Bible is indeed the Word of God.

It Is Reliable In…

1. Its Theme

From cover to cover the Bible has but one theme – redemption. To have this degree of unification of thought, by 40 different men, who spanned over 1600 years of time, is most incredible. Redemption is always by faith, through blood.

2. Its Historical Records

For many years scoffers mocked the Bible because it mentioned a large and very powerful nation called the Hittites. They mocked because there was not one shred of evidence archeologically that they ever existed. But one day, archeology caught up with what the Bible taught, and shovel full after shovel began, around the turn of the last century, to uncover the truth. Others have also wondered about Sodom and Gomorrah – until recently. These cities have been found – and yes, they were burned by sulfur and brimstone, near the edge of the Dead Sea, just like God said. Other archeological findings have revealed seashells at the tops of mountains – all around the earth – sounds like evidence of a world-wide flood – just like the Bible says.

3. Its Scientific Facts

While it is true that the Bible is not a textbook for a science class, where it does mention science, it is always scientifically correct. Interestingly, many of the facts of science that are referred to, were written more than 700 BC! The Bible speaks of the “circle of the earth” (Isaiah 40:22 – written around 700BC); of the hydrologic cycle (Ecclesiastes 1:6,7 – about 1000BC); of the wind traveling in circuits (cells) – Ecclesiastes 1:6; and physiology, “the life of the flesh is in the blood” (Leviticus 17:11 – around 1460BC!) – which if man only believed its truths, they would not have bled George Washington to death!

4. Its Prophecies

Many of today’s so-called astrologers make very general predictions – simply because that makes it harder to show that they are ever wrong. But the Bible is very different here. First, the Bible declares that if any so called prophet is ever wrong – then they were not sent by God (Deuteronomy 18:20-22). God is not afraid that He will ever be shown to be wrong. A second thing is that the Bible gives very detailed prophecies. Concerning the life of Christ, there were many prophecies. Peter Stoner, once Chairman of the Departments of Math and Astronomy at Pasadena City College and at Westmont College however, in his book Science Speaks, wrote of the probability of just eight of these coming to pass. The odds that he calculated, which was verified by the American Scientific Affiliation, was said to be 1 in 10 to the 17th power! This means a ten followed by 17 zeroes; or, to put it in plain English, only one man in 1X1017 could possibly have fulfilled just eight of those prophecies! And when you think about it, there are currently only 6 billion people (6X108) on earth now. But there were actually more than 400 prophecies, not just 8!

In conclusion, it should be easy to say along with David, “Thou art near, O Lord; and all thy commandments are truth. Concerning thy testimonies, I have known that thou hast founded them forever” (Psalm 119:151,152).

Author Bio
Christine Bettridge has loved writing since childhood. She has written Plays, poetry and many articles. Her latest e-book End Time Secrets recently released by Cypress Street Publishing has caused an order frenzy since its release. It can be ordered, downloaded and read right now through the publishers website at End Time Secrets She also is the editor of the article directory, aboveallcontent.com, Above All C

Phrase Caught My Eye

Christ Consciousness

I AM the violet flame, blazing like a sun
I AM God’s sacred power freeing everyone. 

I was scrolling through a site that had to do with the Violet Flame and St Germaine, and to me the Violet Flame represents the Holy Spirit, God’s spirit of wisdom, instruction, conscience all of that.  When we have that connection to the divine, to divinity, to the Creator, how exactly are we a blazing sun and able to free everyone?

When you have strong spiritual centering, a strong prayer and meditative life, solid understanding of biblical principles and all that, you are able to live a life of “law and order”, of boundaries, of clarity and clear decision making, of wise decision making. It helps us to discipline our animalistic instincts and impulses, which if let run amok can bring great destruction, the impulses of greed, vanity, ego etc… It helps us to put some speed limits on ourselves and our lives. It also helps us with forgiveness because unforgivness brings a high price, it even affects our physical health, it’s literally a poison to our system.  Think about it, our decision, actions and reactions have a domino effect on others, so if you are a violet flame, blazing sun, sacred power, that is also humble and grateful, live your life that way, an example of that, also confident in your spiritual center, raise your kids that way and are an example to your grandkids in this and young people, that’s huge.  We do have the power to free others, that includes setting our society free from this obsession with being victims with seeing boogy men everywhere, supremacy and victimization everywhere, free people from a culture of dependency and all that.  First we have to free ourselves, remember charity starts at home, so does freedom.  May we all embrace the beauty of connecting to our Creator and the power of the Violet Flame, the Holy Spirit.



Disrespect of Tradition, Scary Here


Disdain for Tradition, Scary

I spoke in a previous blog about a path, about forging a path, and while a path forward does require some adaptation and some transformation so as to not be stagnant, what have we gained from a total disdain of all things traditional, of Family, God, Faith and Country?  

I understand having to have a certain level of empathy and yes Jesus did, but he also said sin no more and said clearly there would be consequence for Sodom and Gomorrah.   He may have had tensions and conflict with their legalisms, but he still honored tradition, celebrated the feast days of the Jewish calendar.  He did not indicate disdain for the traditions of his ancestors and when they were using the church as a den of iniquities etc… he went ballistic.  The Latin Rite and other such Masses are a beautiful, sacred and meditative, contemplative form of the Mass that attract young people who seek an intimate mystical connection to the divine, and a return perhaps subconsciously to traditional values.  For this Pope to treat traditionalists and conservatives with such disdain is a stain on him and of great damage to society.  He should be celebrating this and encouraging this, instead of what he is doing, which is purging the Vatican of anything traditionalist and conservative, which will alienate people, will lead to a splinter of Orthodox Catholics forming their own group or joining the Eastern Right Church, and if they do it will serve the Vatican, which has become too liberal and this Pope right to have Catholics leave the faith in droves join the Eastern Right, even Orthodox Anglican or for The Catholic Orthodox Church and refuse to recognize the authority of the Vatican due to corruption etc…  After all, tradition is the glue that keeps things together, you that, you lose the soul, and the traditions of the Catholic faith are beautiful ones.


Why I Love Hymns Like This One

Music is important to history, it is history, the landscape of a nation of the roots of a nation.

What do God Bless America, our National Anthem and this hymn say about the U.S.A.? the Federalist founding, the flag that today is so disrespected, the United States of America that our youth is taught to hate so much, not perfect because humans are not perfect?  I can tell you what it says to me.  It says to me that I am rooted in Christ, in Christianity, so is my country, my Country Tis of Thee, Sweet Land of Liberty, a liberty that was hard fought and hard won, with blood shed on all sides , including the other side of the world.  It tells me to stand and honor all that is representative of this nation, the various high offices, law enforcement, Flag, God and country, armed forces who give their life for the principles that embody the founding of this nation, whatever its’ imperfections.  It tells me I belong to a great nation, that can be great once again, a great beacon to all nations of true Constitutional, Capitalist, Federalist, Republicanism and Judeo-Christian values.  This is what these great old hymns tell me. 



Christ and The Uplifting of Society

Christ Consciousness

In this modern society, we are facing one of biggest crisis of faith and understanding. We are seeing family values being violated and old religions being made fun of. Yet there is a way to evolve our society above all of this. In this article I will explain that, “One Way.”

I like to listen to various programs, even on youtube and also discuss different themes and issues with others. There is a deep concern shared about society. For those of the Christian faith, there, those of deep faith, there is the assurance that Christ enlightened us, also through his sacrifice saved us from damnation. There is also discussion about poor doomed souls of those of atheist faith, where they stand on society. We have tables because we identify by those labels, natural as humans. Can those labels become a double edged sword?

We see crisis everywhere. Suddenly in this age, we are seeing a marked increase in both extremism in religion and atheism. The extremists have concluded that only one way goes to salvation. With this ideal, they have built more barriers to approaching spiritual religions than ever before. The atheists claim that this universe came into being by its own self. There is no God just like there is no life after death. Considering this, I understand that others have the free will to choose what to believe. We do have to recognize that when people did engage in actions that were not good, holy, Christ made that known, but he also showed forgiveness, he did both.  However, we are seeing lack of empathy, spiritual crisis and many other problems, you just name it. It seems we have a bit of a difficult time with that, with forgiveness.  The people have started to hate each other due to difference of opinions and beliefs. We then see another class, not caring about religion or much about any faith, going on with their lives in their professions. Somehow within their life, they must have felt that gap, about which they tricked themselves into thinking that they have filled it with goals and wealth.

All of this has a positive face too. We are seeing people awakening and searching through things, breaking dogmatism. It is this time when the universal concept of Christ is needed most. In my previous articles I explained it very well that Christ Consciousness is not something related to Christians totally. In fact it is more like enlightenment. It is to realize that Jesus came not for not for one faction, rather for all of humans. When we tune into that love delivered in purest form, we then realize that all humans are connected. What harbors differences can now be replaced with love and understanding. In this time, I believe understanding is one of most critical issues. We often see understanding problems especially within teenagers. By accepting the love of Jesus, we get the sensation that God loves us. He hears us. We never feel alone and misunderstood. We realize by tuning into his love that humans are different which means they will have different opinions. Christ Consciousness teaches us to respect that others have differences. It teaches us to have open mind. We start respecting life and find that it has deeper meaning. The whole society transforms. People are no longer as religious; they are still spiritual beings looking to religion to guide them. It is this way, Christ Consciousness harbors a way for positive development of whole society.

When Collaboration Runs Into A Wall

a dark room

I have dreamed of the opportunity to work with a team, with creative people, really make an impact. I thought I had found that, but a glitch.

For me for something to thrive, it has to have a collaborative element to it, what does that mean?  It means clear, ongoing communication.  If someone emails, communicates something to me, needs to know something to do what they need to do, I don’t hesitate, I respond and if I need to follow up further I do so ASAP.  It means different perspectives are heard and the one that will bring abundance, prosperity etc.. is enthusiastically effectively applied.   It means being open heart, spirit and soul, so that communication can be open, flowing, ongoing, clear, everyone is kept in the loop at all times.  If at any time anyone is not a fit for the team, they are told in a way that leaves no animosity etc.., but they are not left hanging as to what is going on.  That communication, that flow, mutual open heart, spirit and soul in a very constructive, clear boundaries way, is used to produce amazing results, works for the organization or team. There is also great focus and planning for the long term, a solid vision, a holistic one created and implemented.  The dots are connected, so that one sees the forrest and the trees, not just one or the other, and thus long term planning can and does occur, communication is flowing, everyone is kept in the loop all the time.  Ideas are shared, vetted as a team, together, implemented as a team.  

When this happens, great stuff can occur, but when the other person doesn’t have this collaborative sense as you do in the same sense that you do, then it becomes a struggle, an uphill climb.  It drains, frustrates, aggravates, and you have to make a choice of whether the project etc… is worth the frustration, aggravation of dealing with all of that and having to deal with people who are not on the same page as you in regards to what collaboration is.  Not always easy to make that decision.  You may have to do quite a bit of meditating and praying to see what God wants you to do and how to handle it.  That’s okay, decisions don’t always have to be made right away.  They do at some point have to be made.  I understand that each person has their own way and perspective, but when others are not collaborating and that lack of full collaboration creates tensions or tricky situations for you, then that’s not good.  Praying for guidance, weighing the pros an cons of staying and leaving, finally deciding is usually what happens. One can totally accept that each person is who they are, work as they are etc.., but that does not mean that it is healthy for you collaborate with that person on any venture etc… Yes, we can save ourselves a lot of aggravation by accepting that at a certain point in life people are molded to be a certain way, have a set personality, patters etc.. and there may be no adjusting that. Accepting doesn’t mean we have to be part of that team or group.  If we do decide to be however, we have to figure out how we are going to flow with the flow and each person being who they are, and each person flowing with the flow of who we are.  Teamwork is tricky, collaboration is tricky, it takes work, compromise, conscious effort to want to make it work, keep everyone in the loop.  If that happens great stuff can happen, but if not, then you can end up with a high turn over rate and lots of “see you around, I’m out of here”.  Will I be saying those words in the next few weeks?  I might, looking more and more like I might, sadly.