Sweet Mother Mary

  Hi Everyone, I thought about how Mary must have felt, raising Jesus and as I thought of that, this came to mind.    

Why The Chaos?

What the heck is going on?  The pandemic, election chaos, why all this craziness?  Chaos is what the darkness, spiritual realm of darkness craves, but one might ask, why would God allow chaos and all that?  Think of it as a cave where things are hidden and when the flashlight is flashed, you see the […]

Guiding Principles

As we get crazier and crazier in the world, as the world gets crazier, news is not even telling us nationally all the mini quakes and stuff going on because naturally they don’t want to scare us.  For those of faith, and I can only speak to the Christian faith, biblical Christians, not cultural Christians […]

The Enemies of Faith?

  The End Days, Latter Days, Times, however you want to call them, the church is in trouble and this was foretold in the OT and NT, so I am not shocked or surprised at the crazy crap coming out of churches, or other faith groups.  What are the enemies of Faith and even The Chuch […]

Lots of Confusion?

Can’t blame Christians for being confused about the end times, end of days, tribulation etc.. Part of it is due to three different views:  Pre-trib, Mid-Trip, Post-Trip.  Part of the problem is that often theologians or those that study the Bible will not connect the dots, will take things out of context. Let’s try to clarify some of this. […]

End Times, Huh?

End Time eschatology can be quite confusing, so what is the end times and end of days?  Let’s start with when the heck did the final chapter for humanity begin?  Pentacost is when the clock started ticking on the end times, leading to the final battle of good and evil and the end of days.   […]

Who Done It?

There has historically been great tension between the Christian Church and the Jewish community.  One of the reasons is this bizarre notion that it was the Jews that were responsible for Christ giving His life as a redemptive lamb for all of humanity.  Setting aside the theology of it, let’s use common sense.   Let’s […]

Cultural or Scriptural, Which One?

I have been asking myself this as I watch Christians support the Dems, and/or                                                                                   […]

I Am Not Gone

As I read this poem I came across a few things came to mind.  I thought of all those we have lost to war, to illness etc.. and was encouraged by those who had embraced Christ, embraced moral ethical boundaries and truths of Scripture.  I also had sadness for those that had not, those that […]