What Makes Friendship Unbreakable

Friendship, a beautiful thing.  There are friendships that last a lifetime.  What makes that possible.  I have been thinking about that, about what would make a friendship that is really deep and would last a life time.  First thing I think is a similar worldview, shared values, some synchronicity and synergy.  What else, is that […]

Busy For The Sake of Busy, Running?

We find ourselves filling our calendars with events, so many events, so many things to do, and none of is really in line with the calling of our hearts, spirit and soul, our vocation, true self and vocation, true interests.  It can be deeper than that. We can be afraid of alone time, of being […]

Decided To Stop Reaching Out

When you have an instant electric connection with someone and as an empath and such it’s even more potent, your instinct is to build on that, to reach out.   That is what I do if I have an instant electric connection or general sense of connection to someone.  It’s who I am and that […]