Not Everything is Permanent

Human beings often want the forever, things to stay the same, life to stay the same, for relationships, even friendships to always be in perfect flow, communications etc.., and it is a noble wish, but not very realistic.  Relationships like the weather have seasons, some relationships rarely go though the stormy season or even the […]

Temporary and Permanent

People will come into our lives through the virtual world and there a warm and sincere connection.  We  assume this will last forever this friendship, since some deep stuff has been shared about life, what’s going on.  I thought certain friendships both begun offline a lifetime ago and online fit this bill, would last forever, […]

During the Toughest Times

Often when people leave our lives, friendships end, relationships end, especially during or right after a rough time, it can be hurtful, but rather that focus on who isn’t around, best to focus on who is around, who sticks with us through thick and thin.  We should be committed to focusing on the good, the […]

Image of Trees

        In my meditation last night a particular connection came to mind and I had the image of trees come to me and this poem. As I thought of this connection, I suddenly had a thought, trees, Trees first in full bloom, full of life, leaves and flowers, of a hue of […]

No Going Back

A friendship that had been for a long time, had had a rough patch or two, recently something shifted, not sure what, but something definitely shifted.  When relationships, friendships, connections, circumstances shift, we can get really angry, we can force fix it, push to try and get it to where it was, but really it […]

Says More About Them

As I was meditating this morning and again was brought back to the pattern of that person of suddenly turning cold and pulling a sort of temper tantrum, going into a corner and sulking I realized life really is like a party in terms of people and relationships.  We invite people into our lives, hearts, […]

Truth and Honesty Don’t Always Sit Well

I have no qualms about being clear, direct and honest about what my intuitive instincts and gifts tell me about people, situations, especially if you ask and I consider us friends.  I always make even when sharing what my intuitive gifts etc.. impress on me about anything that whatever opportunities ect.. I sense, we have free […]

A Golden Chain

My friends and I are not of the same worldview, or political view and things can pretty heated when certain subjects are touched upon, and one can think, oh this is it, that friendship is done for after this heated debate.  One could think that, but a friendship that has strong chains, links forged will […]

It’s easy to live a lie, for any one of us to be determined to not see or hear truth.  The truth, even prophetic, word of knowledge, strongly intuitive, connect the dots, all these truths should be embraced for guidance, should be, but are often not.  Why not?  We have dreams, illusions and all that […]

Honesty or Friendship?

“Being honest may not get you a lot of friends but it’ll always get you the right ones.”   I came across this quote and it struck a cord.  As someone who frequently gets what is referred to as “word of knowledge”, flashes of intuition and all that, when a friend asks me about anything I […]