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What is Love?

This is a question that has been asked throughout time and history.  It is not one would think an easy one to answer.  We humans often complicate things when things are not complicated, and I came across this quote that I thought was a pretty good explanation. “Love is friendship that has caught fire.  It is […]

Chivalry and Gallantry, Duh, Good Thing!

The beauty of a well tended and cared for garden, lovely isn’t it?  The garden did not get this way on its’ own.  Feminism, modern feminism fails to understand that relationships are all about gardening, not about winning, not about what they think it is.  What does this have to do with chivalry and all […]

Dark Room, Headphone, Numb, Yikes!

I had a dream this morning about someone I know and it truly pained me because I care about them as a person and what both of us hope to save in therms of our faith and an institution. When a dream shows me someone carrying a bunch of stuff, equipment, papers etc… and they […]

Instant Affinity, Now What?

You meet and there is this instant affinity, anointing almost, might not be flashy, balls of fire, it might be like a beautiful spiritual breeze and descending dove that comes upon you.  It might be something where you instantly click, flow, communicate etc.. and it feels like home, they feel like home.  If you are […]

Easy Flow Can Be Quite Exciting

There is this assumption that for something to be “it”, a relationship, anything, it has to come like a blazing fire or with bells and whistles, but I am realizing that is not true. That which God has anointed, which speaks most true to my spirit is turning out to have come in a manner […]

Who Says Virtual Friends Not Family?

Please Support This Blog. You May Do So Via PayPalL Recent events, threw me for such a loop, still can’t quite fathom what happened.  I am certain neither I or the third party involved did anything suspect etc… It is funny how I still find myself going WTH? Not only that, but as I […]

Why A Strong Connection To That Someone?

  I have been trying to understand why I have  strong connection to a particular person, an artist whom I don’t interact with on a day to day basis, but from the moment we met at an event where he sang, there was this deep psychic connection. Last night I had a dream in regards […]

What Does It Mean To Let Go

We often hear that you need to let go, especially when it comes to relationships that went south, sour had a sad etc.. ending, broke your heart and all that.  What does that mean?  As I said the Holy Spirit has been having me do a lot of reflection this Lenten season and this is […]

What Is Friendship, Love?

Made me reflect on love. I must have listened to this song I don’t how many times in my life, but for some reason, in the past three days it struck a cord with me, one part of one of the Karate Kid movies in particular. The end scene when the Karate Kid is down […]