Quote Reflection Of The Day


” I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust the sails to always reach my destination”  Jimmy Dean

As I see my fibromyalgia worsen and the fatigue etc.. become a daily occurrence, and having to adjust my life to that reality, but wishing to do much in the way of the arts, and other things, this quote seems quite appropriate to reflect on. I may not be able to change the fact that I have fibromyalgia, and I may not be able at any point to do any traveling to perform in any whirlwind manner and stuff like that, so does that mean I can’t pursue my vocation, or arrive at my destination?  No, it doesn’t. What does it mean?  It means that I may have to do a lot of my performing, most of it locally, online, do my PR and Promotion online and all that.  Is it the same as doing live tours and all that jazz? Probably not and yes it frustrates me, but I am still the pilot of the ship that God put me on, though he is the lighthouse providing that guiding light.  He gives me the tools, opportunities etc…, but I have to be free of any anger, bitterness, any notion that life, people etc.. “owe” me anything.  If I have an attitude that life owes me, people owe me anything, if I am angry and bitter then I will not be able to navigate the ship that is my life out of any choppy waters.   As for where I am with my life or am not, I can play the blame game, and if truly wanted to find someone to, could blame society, my parents, childhood etc…, not to say that external stuff doesn’t have influence, sure, but ultimately it is down to my choices in terms of where I am with my life or am not.  I have to accept that, as unpleasant as it may be and take full constructive responsibility.  I can’t put in anyone else but my own decision where I am at with my life, in the end it really does come down to me and what I decide, my actions or inactions.   My ship has goals, goals that will have to be worked out in the context of my Fibromyalgia and though that is not ideal, being angry would serve no purpose, nor be productive.  How will I be productive, well I am already doing it how?

  • Creating and producing content for the blog and my youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/kappelloarts
  • Promoting the blog and youtube channel
  • Attending Music Appreciation Class here in my coop and other activities to broaden my horizon
  • Working with my church to launch a successful concert and arts series, sustainable one
  • Working on collaboration with artists to do concerts and other projects
  • I have joined the Constitution Party of NY to restore our Federalist Republic
  • Looking into different senior communities with lots of artistic and faith based activities for my future security

I am being proactive and adjusting the sails to reach my destination of being a working artist and life coach/minister.  Will much of it be online and locally due to the fibromyalgia? Yes, is that ideal, no, but it is okay, it is what it is, it’s an adjustment of the sails, to adjust to the direction of the winds, and that’s fine, perfectly fine, constructive, and good, healthy.

Planning For “Twilight” Years, Morbid?

The Journey That is Life.

Life and youth are not forever and so as I near that point of age 55, and my mom 93, her health starts to take twists and turns, I find myself thinking about what happens when she is gone.  For any number of reasons I remain single and so there are kids ore grandkids, thus my planning is exclusively down to me and my finances etc…

In doing so that means I have to face up to some stuff, some truths.  I have to face up to financial truths good and not so good.  I have to face up to any sadness about time and opportunity wasted in my life, not so great choices, how my life baggage and fibromyalgia isolated me, so now there are no circle of friends nearby.  With this journey of organizing my twilight years as they say, comes facing a few truths that I may not like, may make me sad, but running away won’t solve anything or change what is.  I can only face things as they are and work on thing in the here and now for a better tomorrow.  How do I do that?  There are a few things I can do.  I can continue working on what I am doing improving my finances, and at the same time doing what I love which is writing and the arts.  Do I wish I had realizing my path and vocation sooner, done much better with my finances? Do I wish the fibromyalgia had been figured out sooner and I could have focused on being an artist, life coach/minister a lot sooner in my life?  Yes, of course, but that didn’t happen and so all I can do is work on the here and now for the future to be a good one.  I pray for the wisdom, creativity etc… to stay the course at all times.  I also have started looking into 55 plus communities and I thought about it and did I want to stay in the City, in NY and I thought, yes I do want to stay in NY, but maybe not the City, maybe in my twilight years go somewhere close to the city, still NY, but where you have fresher air.  I have a list of affordable places and I can start touring them once I reach 55 and this way when my mom passes, I can be ready.  Planning for the twilight years is not a bad thing and facing truths can be a bit sad etc.. but maturity is a bout doing just that. 


Goals Matter, Why?


You see this photo, I like it, one of my favorite images that i have downloaded. The reason is it shows steps surrounded by lush green, nature.   Steps are equivalent to goals, so sometimes if you want to get to a great site, sacred site or historical something, you have to climb a number of steps.  Life is kind of like that and the steps you need are goals, those matter, but why and what should you keep in mind when setting goals, well I know I have touched on this before, but I came across this article and wanted to share it with you.

Setting Goals: Your only recipe for success

Goals are like signposts. As long as you can see these signposts, then you know you are heading in the right direction. When you set goals, you eliminate the possibility veering off the track and derailing into failure. When a train veers of the rails, the entire locomotive is derailed. Looking at the rails, one does not see anything special in them; just a solid mass of steel. But that simple mass of steel ensures that the train remains on course and that everyone on board reaches their destination safely and on time.

Goals are like rails. Without them, our claim to success will never find expression in reality. Just as a train must stay on the rails to complete the journey, our dreams, our ambitions, and our desires must find expression in goals that are clear, realistic and timely.

When we have well articulated and clearly defined goals, the journey towards success becomes lighter, even less tiring. This is because goals help us to (i) stay focused (ii) be realistic in our expectations (iii) gauge our progress (iv) avoid being overwhelmed (v) re-evaluate and redefine our strategy to ensure conformity and consistency with our objectives.

Stay focused
John Maxwell says “obstacles are the things you see when you take your eyes off the goal”. How true! Every time you take your eyes away from the goal at hand, you will surely wander off into troubled waters. If you get to a point in your success journey where you can’t see your goal, you are definitely headed into failure territory.

Goals constantly remind us that there are tasks that need to be done, and within a particular time frame, for us to make progress. Without goals reminding us of where we are and what we are supposed to do to get where we ought to be, we will only be working hard and achieving nothing. Hard work, as Maxwell says, “is the accumulation of easy tasks you did not do when you should have”. The easy routine tasks that we sometimes ignore feeds into our success. Failure to perform these tasks will translate into failure.

Goals must be realistic
Goals must be firmly established upon unflinching reality. If you want to go to New York and you only have ten dollars, it would be foolhardy to start packing for your journey. The reality is that boarding a plane to New York from Nairobi costs more than 10 dollars! But you say, “I have faith in God”? Well, faith is not foolish, neither is it an emotion. No amount of goose bumps or frenzied hysteria will take you to New York on ten dollars. Be real or you will miss the deal.

Goals are yardsticks
Like yardsticks, goals help us gauge or measure our progress, or lack of it. Without goals constantly reminding us where we are and what we should be doing to get where we ought to be, we will be running wild. No amount of sticking our head deep into the sand will help us achieve success. We must stick it out to the end by daily attaining the goals we have set for ourselves. This can only be done if today’s tasks are ‘done’ today!

To post pone to tomorrow today’s task will only mean one thing: a clog up tasks. The result is that we end up breaking our backs trying to accomplish both yesterday’s and today’s tasks; resulting in sloppy and unfinished tasks.

Goals help us avoid overwhelm
To de-stress our lives, we need to learn how to work smart by finishing our daily tasks on schedule.

This is important if we are to avoid being overwhelmed by tasks carried over from yesterday.

One of the leading causes of burnout and depression is the failure to tackle simple tasks on time. As tasks pile up one after another, we end up having to work overtime and sometimes overnight; pushing our body to limits it was not designed to go. To avoid overwhelm, learn to decongest your life by doing what must be done today, today! However if you want to work hard and up stressing yourself, go ahead and let the tasks accumulate.

Goals help us re-strategize
Finally we need to re-evaluate and redefine our strategy to ensure conformity with our objectives. Strategies help us achieve our goals faster. However, some of the strategies we use are sometimes rendered obsolete by the passage of time. When this happens, it is important to redefine or tweak them a little.

Strategies must always remain relevant and in line with the desired goals. When they become irrelevant or obsolete, they should be discarded and new ones invented.

Strategies help us save time by crowding out irrelevant tasks; those that only take up our time but which do not feed into in to our goals. Strategies also help us to concentrate on priority tasks; those that are crucial to the attainment of our goals.

When Fear Keeps One From Connecting

misty sky

Often the Holy Spirit will enlighten me through dreams, and this morning I had one that gave me insight into why a collaboration might not work, no matter how much I might or would ever want it to.

For creative and such collaboration to really work, especially long term and in the spiritual realm, there needs to be a real connection, real opening up on all levels, even a deep connection and thread of friendship, exploration of things etc… as a team.  If even one of the team has a wall, is too scared to make any deep connection, fully open up, engage in really getting to know the other, there is not a totally joint and coordinated effort on all fronts, on all levels, then it will be hard to really have that collaboration, work.  This morning I had a dream that showed me the crux of why collaboration may not succeed, much as it pains me.  It is draining to try to build a connection when the other person has a wall you can as an empath etc.. see and feel, fear of connecting you can sense, emotions they won’t allow themselves to ever acknowledge in life.  At this point I have to pray and ask the archangel Michael and Raphael to help me with this, them to pave the way to a shift or something else.  I think that they have a big heart and with a deep connection made, exploring our culture together as a team and fundraising as a team, it could be great, but that has to all be mutually sought.  I don’t see that happening and so collaboration will be uneven and haphazzard, and with some success, but without a real and deep connection, real opening up in deep and healthy friendship, not sure how far the collaboration can go and how productive it will be.  I will invoke the assistance of the archangels, we shall see. 



What’s Happening With Memberships?

raise a toast

I wanted to update you on what is happening with the direction of the blog, memberships and membership levels. 

Let me start with the direction.  I am going to steer the blog in the direction of spiritual, life coaching and inspirational.  In terms of spiritual, my background is metaphysical, Christian, and artist, so it will be approached from that aspect.  As for the memberships, the free will include articles as has so far and the premium, please bare with me as I am working on setting up a monthly recurring payment method, will allow you to access e-books, audio and even connect to live events I will schedule via Zoom.  I hope some of you will consider premium membership. 

Again, I want to celebrate and thank my fellow bloggers for their contribution with their time and the work they put in on their blogs.

Shalom and Amen


What’s Up?

Heart, Spirt and Soul Who We Are

What’s up with the blog, well I wanted to shift things.  The blog is undergoing a bit of a change.

There will be two membership levels:

  • Free -basic articles and content
  • Premium $20 a month, that will include ebooks, including children’s ebooks, as well as digital audio, such as full meditations, mini seminars

I felt I had to do this and take things in my work to the next level.  Thank you  to all my followers  Thank you to all my fellow bloggers for your contribution to the blogger world. 


Goodbye Clutter, Hello Intuitive Vision

This article that I came across resonated with me.  I had joined a bunch of meet up groups, but really was not attending the events and was getting quite lost and cluttered, in my quest for community, connection etc.. I realized I needed to get very focused, really decide where I needed to put my energy.  I needed to figure out what my calling, vocation etc… was and where I could best fulfill it.  To to hat, I had to decultter.  I hope this helps you in your journey to realization of your goals etc…

Ditch Clutter to Tune In Your Intuitive Vision

By: Vickie Milazzo RN, MSN, JD

Without even realizing it, we wake up daily to clutter pouring in-constant television or the Internet at home, talk radio in the car, TV news programs at the airport and loud music in restaurants. Soon our senses become dulled and our vision turns lusterless. How can a person connect with their intuitive vision and goals while being constantly bombarded by thousands of outside messages?

Vision is essential to success. Yes, you can stumble on a great idea without knowing where you’re going, but in my experience mentoring thousands of people, it rarely happens that way. Successful people look ahead, imagine the future they want, then make it happen through a combination of passion, commitment and intuitive vision.

To conceive any vision you must first get quiet. Remove the clutter and turn down the volume. When you consciously eliminate pervasive noise, silence arouses your imagination. Make it a goal to eliminate clutter from your mind, your day and your life.

I started with my physical environment, which is the easiest to control. I successfully created an uncluttered house and an uncluttered office. Next I uncluttered my mental environment. While I rarely watch TV or listen to talk radio, and I don’t crave an hourly update on current events, I have my own clutter addiction to battle-movies. My addiction got so bad for a while that I found myself going to really bad movies, wondering later why I wasted that time and money. I still love going to good movies, but now I’m more selective.

I appreciate that these activities are some of the most common ways to relax. But you cannot wake up to clutter, be bombarded with it all day, go to bed with that same level of intrusion and still have the mental space to connect with your intuitive vision. Choose renewing ways to relax, such as strolling through a park, soaking in the tub or reading a great book.

As with most ambitious endeavors, eliminating all the clutter in your life can be overwhelming at first. The trick is to start small:

1. Clear your space.
Unclutter your physical environment at home and work. Take 10 minutes every day to file that stack of papers that’s been sitting on your credenza for months. Devote 15 minutes a day to cleaning out a closet or a room that’s only slightly less attractive than the city dump. Don’t tackle the whole attic. Start with one corner, then move on to another until it’s done.

2. Unclutter your mind.
Eliminate one outside stimulus, one TV show or one chatty phone call. Then eliminate another. Instead of reading three newspapers or magazines, read one. While driving, replace talk radio with inspirational CDs or music that stimulates ideas and opens a space for success. Meditate as you fall asleep or read something relaxing that brings you peace, not agitation.

Be equally selective about how you spend time with friends and family. You might not think of a relationship as clutter, but it can be. Are casual, unsatisfying relationships keeping you from your vision? Would fewer, more meaningful relationships be more helpful? Assess whether a relationship is one that you value. If not, eliminate it or, at minimum, reduce the exposure. Uncluttering is about making choices in all the areas of your mind, space and time.

3. Put off procrastination.
Procrastination leads to worry and anxiety, which is mind clutter. You’re anxious about the upcoming meeting because the report due is still rough at best. You worry about overdrafting your bank account because you’ve put off balancing your checkbook. Instead, just put off procrastination.

Eliminate one area of procrastination each week. Schedule it in your calendar, as you would any important appointment, and when that time arrives, do what needs to be done. Your mind will feel refreshingly alert and uncluttered.

Yet, procrastination is not always bad. I hear people say, “finish what you start” or “you had that idea, where did you go with it?” Every day I wake up with new ideas, but like you I have only 16 waking hours a day in which to do it all. Misplaced stubbornness, as in, “I started it, I have to finish it,” can exhaust you as you plow onward in the wrong direction. Selective-intuitive-procrastination allows the best ideas to rise to the top and keeps you focused.

In the emergency room all nurses learn the value and skill of triage. When several patients come in at once, nurses treat the sickest ones first. That’s triage. You can triage ideas. All ideas are not equal, so match your ideas to your intuitive vision to determine which to develop first.

Selective procrastination also eliminates unnecessary busyness. Imagine a low-priority task-perhaps starting a routine project or writing a letter. You procrastinate, and at the end of the day, or the week, that situation resolves itself. The project is canceled or the topic of the letter gets resolved with a two-minute phone call. Selective procrastination, or triage, combined with your intuitive vision can eliminate the clutter of unnecessary tasks.

Ditching clutter enables you to tune in your intuitive vision and connect with future success. In turn, your newly awakened senses arouse your passion. You not only see the future you want, you’re ready to implement the goals and strategies to make it happen.