Wings to Fly, You as The Wind

soaring eagle

I recorded a new meditation, and hope to do more of that and of course more songs of my own and also improve spoken word, to really be a blessing.  Another way I hope to be a blessing is to support and stand with Israel by giving some of my time to organizations such as Proclaiming Justice To The Nations.  I love doing what I do with this blog, the songs, and I do the best I can in terms of creating the best quality product I can, using online mastering tools and all that.  I know it’s not ideal, but I love sharing it all with all of you.  I thank you for the chance to do this, to share, to be a part of your lives in some small way, maybe make an impact in some small way.  I would like to do more, to host live events, free seminars live, free prayer and meditation events.  I hope you will find it in your heart to donate to this blog or purchase the songs etc…That will give greater wind beneath these wings and help this eagle to fly higher to perhaps impact more people in more ways.  I thank you in advance for the earning of my daily bread, the ability to help others and letting me be a part of your day and make a difference in any way I can.



Streamlining My Life


I am getting more in tune with Holy Spirit and I keep getting the word Streamline, that word is coming up over and over, so I have been thinking about it and how to streamline different things in my life.  I first had to figure out why this call to streamline and I guess it is because I have been on a winding road of discovery etc.. for so long in terms of my faith, my gifts, talents and my path with those gifts, talents in terms of what God wanted me to do with them. In regards to the music, poetry would I focus on genres per se or themes, and perhaps themes is best, streamline what themes I’m spiritually guided to focus on.  Then focus on two venues online to stream them and one to sell them on.  I decided bandlab and soundcloud to steam, tunecore to sell.  In terms of live shows, well, I sense again around holidays and themes is best.  What of the coaching and ministry intertwined, wellness overall wellness, which would include social, spiritual holistically, and do online seminars and then twice a year live events.  Then comes my medical, well there as well, except for my internist, I am moving all my medical needs to one place, which means switching my ob/gyn, dermatologist, gastroenterologist, ENT, getting all my medical personnel in one place.  That will also open up a door that until now has not been able to be open.  I do feel that I need to streamline tings, get my life in a more streamlined position in certain ways.  Does that mean I have to lose being creative and all that, no of course not, but I can be less frazzled and be able to have more creative focus and that can contribute to my overall wellness.  I also did something to help with my sleep, which was a bit of an issue as is often for those with fibromyalgia, I got a mattress cover that is sensopedic and sensopedic pillows as well and I am able to sleep through the night, no tossing, turning waking up throughout the night, so though I still have trouble falling asleep at times, once I do fall asleep, I sleep straight through, big help.  I am working on making changes in my life that will benefit me, but also make me more productive so I can be a better artist etc…and that makes me happy.  If we really want to make changes in life we can, we just have to connect to Spirit, to that Divine spark and accept guidance, then take right action.  We don’t have to be stuck or in quicksand going down, and that is a beautiful realization.


Pray, Then What?

Pray Then Let Go

Okay, so you prayed, and prayed, and you prayed, now what?  I meditate and I pray every night, even pray the Anglican Rosary, have created my own meditation of positive affirmations, so where are the inundation of blessings, the miracles and all that I could ask, could, notice I said could.  I could also become angry, bitter, decide there is no God because geen wiz I didn’t get my wish my way when I wanted boo hoo, could.  What purpose would they serve?  None.  Instead what am I doing?  I following strong Holy Spirit guidance of what I am supposed to do with my music and this blog each day after listening to the mediation upon going to bed, listening to it a few times and praying the rosary.  What have I been guided to do, radio, focus on putting the songs up for sale on TuneCore and getting the songs played on radio, with goal of getting interviewed on radio.  I am hoping to also send the music to music blogs once I have the funds for a blitz, major blitz promotional campaign to send a few of my songs to radio and to blogs, have my fiverr virtual assistant take 10 hours or so and dedicate them to that.  I would like to focus my time on the writing, research, the recording.  Prayer is not an automated teller where you put the card in and poof out comes the money, not quick cash thing and it may take a good period of time to get any return on your prayer investment.  Your return on that investment may be a NO answer with nothing but walls and daggers etc.. everything you thought should be for your life shattered, so what ought to be can actually take place.  If we do trust and pray, not force, manipulate shake our fist in anger, defiant to do it and have it our way, some pretty neat stuff can happen, if we let it.  Praying is not really the hard part, the hard part is the trust and let go now, just let go, just let it go, not push, insist upon, just let go.  That doesn’t mean I don’t do what I am guided to do each day or each week, like I have been guided, prompted to offer an online seminar about Releasing Fear the first week of April and I will post details on here about ten days before.  We still do what we are guided to do in meditation and prayer, but in and with total peace.  I know, believe me I know, taht is not an easy thing.

Shalom and Amen

Good Stress, Bad Stress

Good Stress Bad Stress.jpg

I wanted to share something practical with you because we all have stressors in our lives and some stress is good, some stress is bad stress.  I hope this helps you to figure out which stress your life is running on. It also gives some tips for dealing with stress.  I will also be posting a meditation for stress reduction in the next few days or so along with know yourself part 3.

If this blog is a blessing to you I hope you will consider a donation to support this blog and more advanced projects I would like to provide on here.

Thank You and God Bless.

40 Years in the Desert, Why?

In the Desert

God refers to the Israelites as “stiff necked”, but that could be said of all of us at any given point in our life journey as we decide as did our parents Adam and Eve that we know better than the Holy Trinity, our wisdom is greater than biblical wisdom.  People will think it awful that God let them wander for such a long time, but did he really?  Was it God that was the problem?  There are a few things that one notices in the Book of Numbers and even in Christ with his interactions with the apostles. Rebellion, a big thing with us humans, whether it’s with God, with authority in general, even our human parents when we are teens, young adults, that sense of defiance, that our 16 or 18 years of life makes us so much wiser than someone with 40 or 50, 60 years of life, wiser than the creator of all things. The Israelites through Moses were given the game plan, he asked the Lord what it was, but nah, they kind of decided, screw that God, we prefer to go with our game plan, well okey dokey, yeah, worked out real well, not.  Then, even when they defy etc…, God still shows mercy, and what do they do, complain, worship idols etc…, for those who try to make Jesus out to be some Love Guru, no he had little patience with his disciples and crowds, their rebellion, nonsense often, made it clear, I am the only ticket to heaven, he wasn’t big on sharing the ticket to the final destination.  God could have just destroyed them all, but he has mercy and has them wander until the older generation, the stiff necked and rebel generation dies out.  What of Moses, why not let Moses enter the promised land?  His disobedience, he chose the people over obedience to God.  They could have had a straight line into the land promised them, and Moses could have entered the land, but that same problem that got us thrown out at Eden, we see coming up over and over throughout scripture, and it brings to mind the song “My Way”, which is often the human motto.  

We all I think have our own 40 years in the desert, I’ve had it, and am coming out of it, but it’s not easy coming out of such a journey.  I lost a lot of time and I am not playing catch up in terms of my vocational path and in different ways.  My well being was hit hard by my rebellion, not seeking to understand effectively what God meant by ministry, when he put that in my heart.  I am realizing that though He did put music and ministry in my heart, I still have to make the journey of connecting to Father, Son, Holy Spirit, having the help of the heavens to discern what that means, what the right path to that is.  If I try to do it stiff necked my way I will have a lifetime in the desert.  That is not a fun picture.

Shalom and Amen

Knowing Your Strengths, Getting Focused

I love to sing and that’s great, I love to write, also great, love to perform artistically when it comes to poetry, also great, love to teach, coach, minister also great, but what is the core of my strength?  Where should I put the focus?  This is important.  I had one of my songs professionally produced, “I Won’t Apologize for This” including the vocals, looked at which pieces got the most views etc… on youtube and asked for feedback, honest back from those who know me.   I realized that my strength is in speaking up, speaking out what the Spirit, Holy Spirit guides me to speak and write, so I can teach etc…, but the singing, music production, best leave that to someone else.  I best focus on the writing part, maybe even doing seminars.  I still sing when I send the samples to the producers and vocalist who produce the tracks for me, so they can hear the baseline melody I want to for the piece.  When I am at Mass, I sing my little heart out, in tune, out of tune who cares.  Objectively seeing one’s gifts and being able to let go of stuff, and saying “Ok Lord, leaving that so someone else and I will do this other thing, leave that to others to do”, not a bad thing.  Know your core strengths and work with that.

My New Habit Realization -Progress?



I have started the goal of being more informed about and aware of my faith.  How is that going?  I found a great study for me to study and grow in my Christian faith.  The commitment to study, listen to the lessons consistently has been a bit wobbly.  I decided to start with the study of the Creed because the Creed is the great summing up and condensing of our faith, especially the Apostles Creed.  I am aiming to get better at it, to be more consistent with the studies, daily basis, and also to consistently attend prayer sets at Life Center Church.   The fibromyalgia and not so great health stuff the past few weeks have not helped, but on the days I have felt well, I have made it a point to study, to learn, to pray.   I realize that it is important to anchor it on an old habit and I have always loved listening to faith based music and such on youtube, so my love of understanding the faith, of seeking true understanding and theology of the faith is not new.   I am building on established habit, that included prayer, as I have recorded a meditation that is faith based, Christ based, which I listen to in bed several times a night and at least once when I wake up.  Building on a foundation of some kind, is important.  I will keep you posted.


Realizing My Potential etc.., Patience Required?

Patience Behavior Waiting.jpg

Establishing myself to the global public as a writer creative and as an Inspirational/tough love coach takes time, work, patience different elements to come together.  What I do during the time of building success will mean a lot.  It will be a reflection on me, if I remain true to who I am, my “calling”, how I promote my work.  If I become impatient and want it all to happen right away, then I might not make the wisest decisions.  I am having someone create a solid marketing plan, am also seeing which videos have the most views and if the ones with the most views are the spoken word and spoken word with some singing sprinkled in, then in the new year I will re=record a number of pieces in that manner.  I have to be patient with myself, the process of building up, building up on solid foundation, and making sure I am always authentic in my material, even in my personal development.  What is going on with my artistic life etc.. bullet points?

  • Compiling poetry to record, modify to make my own and philosophical quotes to also turn to poetry, improvisation poetry
  • Hired a PR strategist via FIverr to create a strategic PR and Marketing plan for me to implement
  • Plan to review my youtube channel, videos to see if it is best to re-record all pieces to be spoken word only or spoken word with smattering of song, or combination of both of these

I’ll keep you posted!



How Goes My New Habit Adaptation?

Forming New Habits

I spoke about connecting heart, spirit and soul, and that means solid reason based faith, not just emotional based faith and living, a balance of both.  That means knowledge, as it points out here, there should be a 30 day commitment and it should be based on a habit or inclination already existing, a positive one please.  I have always loved to learn about the faith, including through music.  I researched and found a study site for bible study and theology that is solid with a basis of not only scripture, but also a historical and sociological basis.  I have started the online free study and plan to go through the entire program.  Balancing that with a belief in the spiritual gifts, gifts of the spirit, prayer, need for community I will be working to discipline myself to attend communal prayer weekly at a nearby evangelical church, starting this coming week.  I have started the study with Thirdmill, free studies online, a very solid program, and will let you know about my experience with this study program and also with Life Center Church here in my neighborhood, where I also hope to contribute my artistic talents.