Celtic Blessing

I want to thank my followers and fellow bloggers, influencers who make a difference followers in supporting the bloggers, the bloggers for sharing a piece of you with each post.  So I wanted to extend this prayer, blessing to all of you.  The Irish, Celtic have such lovely prayers, when one tugs at me I […]

This Independence Day

Never has this been more evident than today, seeing what is going on around us the lawlessness, the anti Christ spirit, this hatred for anything of God, of virtue of scriptural truth.  Franklin as well as other Founding Fathers, imperfect duh due to being human beings, understood that when you take away love of God, […]

Thank You For..

First of all, thank you for following this blog, it is such a blessing.  Also to my bloggers, thank you for sharing.  I am going to be adding more e-books and songs over the next six weeks or so.  I hope you will please consider supporting this blog by making a monthly purchase or donation.  […]

Grateful For…

What else am I grateful for: Faith Technology Awesome friends Gluten-Free Food that tastes okay or good Being able to walk, talk, hear, even if not perfectly Britcoms My grown-up coloring books Stuff I may not even think of being thankful for May we always find what to be grateful for even in the midst […]