Emotional Responses in Healing

Healing is a great way to alter emotional responses such as anger, resentment or other negative responses to persons or even situations.  The human experience is like a garden, had a range of fauna etc.., including weeds that can strangle the good flowers etc…Why is that and what do emotions have to do with anything?. Our […]

Emotions in Healing the Hidden Self

The songs of past and present  talk about emotions because emotions are widely recognized as being a major part of many problems we face. Thing is people that lack control of managing their emotions is a common denominator and part of the problem. The fact is, emotions are part of the problem, and however, the emotions […]

What is the Shadow Self in Christian Faith Terms

  From a psychology standpoint, this is our shadow self.  From a faith and biblical standpoint, it is the conscience,  which tells us should tell us, from an objective morals standpoint the choice that is within healthy to us and all ethical, moral parameters.  When we don’t operate from that object morals standpoint, we end […]

Desires in Healing the Hidden Self

  The perceptive and the aware parts of ourselves are  what we refer to as the whole self. The whole self is our personality, which represents our actions, emotions and feelings. It is our nature that makes up our character and becomes our identity once developed.  Part of what I realize now has been a stumbling block […]

Where Do We Feel It?

Our bodies are in every fiber living breathing entities and also sponges.  We may for example think we have “gotten over” stuff, or accepted situations etc… We may think ourselves superman or superwoman, untouchable by what others say or do.  That is not the case. Every aspect of the self is a sponge that absorbs situations actions, […]

Community and Belonging

I have been searching for where I belong for the longest time.  I knew my faith in Christ, in Biblical truth was unshakable. However, what I didn’t realize is that before I could find where I belonged in the world, in the community of faith, I had to accept myself.  I had to accept myself […]

Not About Forgetting

Letting go is not always easy and we may thing that letting go means forgetting, forgetting about the lessons learned, or even letting go of people, memories.  That’s not true.   I can remember a love that rocked my world, even if it was one hell of a roller coaster, and in part due to […]

Benefits of Meditation

Why go back? Usually we are all about going forward, trail blazing.  Why are people now looking more and more to ancient practices including homeopathy?  What is in these ancient practices that are drawing people to them?  Good question and I hope this provides somewhat of an answer. People are now going back to ancient practices […]

Healing, Not One Size Fits All

I had a hysterectomy a few weeks ago and today had a follow up with one of the specialists, to see how the recovery is going and all that.  After the exam I am told that internal stitches have yet to dissolve, and to boot, my menopause has kicked in, hot flashes and all.  I […]


I have learned to wear a mask, to have a “whatever, it is what it is” attitude.  This stems from my childhood.  After my parents divorced and issues with that, very visible throughout my life and young adult years, where I was not always wise in my choices, in stewarding my blessings, gifts, even recognizing them and […]