What Does It Mean?

I love you means

When we y to someone that we love them, a spouse, a parent, a friend, what do we mean.  We don’t ever have to tolerate or stay around abuse, but in general we can tend to have these high ideals for relationships and when the person doesn’t meet that ideal or surprise surprise turns out to be human and with faults, like we don’t have any yeah right, dream on, we go into tantrums. I came across this and realized this is an important lesson in life about relationships, about the difference between idealistic puppy love and mature love, this being mature love. 


Distance Healing -Tune In


Hi everyone.  I want to thank everyone who follows this blog, your follow, support means a lot so thank you.  I am going to be offering weekly Distance Healing for all my blog followers every Monday-Saturday 10:30 am.  I just need you to go somewhere quiet and peaceful and get comfortable for about a half hour.  I must caution do not consume alcohol that day, and if you have a pacemaker, are diabetic, please do not participate, as it is energy based and it can mess with your pacemaker and shift the sugar levels,. I really would love your feedback on anything you feel happening and remember if you feel dizzy, if you feel any sensations, any tears come, it’s all part of the cleansing.  I will ask you to be well hydrated earlier that day going into the late afternoon, and have a glass of water nearby if needed. I will send distance instruction to your higher spiritual self, beginning with a grounding exercise. The goal is connect your higher Spiritual Consciousness to be open to Divine Healing on all levels.  When done, you come back to the present slowly and at a pace you are comfortable with.  I will open it with a prayer of gratitude and the core Healing  Principles.  Afterwards, if you could post on the comments section what your experience was it would be really appreciated.

Thank You

Life Lesson 26 and 27

45 life Lessons

We often are so preoccupied with what others think of us, are so desperate to belong that the Dark Side grabs us and we end up just being part of the herd, going along with what the crowd, group does, even when it is vile, harming to self and others, literally. What matters at the core is what we think of ourselves and what does objective spiritual and moral truth say about living life and how to live life?  That is what matters.  Others may mock you for following your calling, dreams, even for honoring all of that, and objective spiritual and moral truth, but that is their problem, not yours.  If they make it a problem, stand firm, don’t show fear, and if you have to walk away, do so smiling head held high.  Wen we think of healing, we think of wanting instant healing, of wanting things resolved now, in the moment, immediately.  Things don’t really work that way, even when we have strong faith that can bring us to forgiving, it may not be an instant thing.  It may take time, lots of spiritual meditating and praying, but it is possible to get there.  Give yourself and time time, give God and His angels time to work with you on the healing.  Allow yourself time to process, mourn grieve, be angry etc…to get to the healing.  It may happen more quickly for some than for others and for some things than for others.  No, one may never forget, but forgiving is necessary, not for the one who caused you the grief, but for you.  Unforgiveness is poison, and you don’t want that in your life or your body. 

Shalom and Amen

Do I Go Home?


As I watch the culture war play out and the Left gain more of a foothold, faith communities go off in all directions, truth being subjective I look back to the faith of my family, my ancestors, who at some point embraced the Catholic faith, for whatever reason.  I look at doctrine that is steeped in lots of theological, philosophical etc.. grounding, probing so on and so forth, at how it is based on objective biblical, even scientific truth.  I may not agree with the giving sanctuary to illegals inside churches, that part I may reject, but holistically, there are basic objective truths that are unchangeable and you live by, something I like.  They are not based on human whim or social whims, but on in depth connection of Theology, Philosophy and the Sciences.  There is an acceptance of mystical experience within prayer and faith life, but the foundations are Biblical theology, solid philosophy and the sciences.   I realize that there is no reason why I can not honor the faith of my father, my mother, my ancestors and still honor myself, what I find very relaxing, meditation, Reiki.  I can meditate and work with Christian affirmation, Ignatius Exercises, different spiritual meditations and general ones, meditate with the rosary as well.  The more I see how society is unraveling, the more I see my worldview as always having been one of objective truth, morally etc… being crucial even when I stumbled, fell, didn’t live up to it.  I realize how crucial it is to have a faith that establishes and maintains, something I hope the Roman Catholic Church always will, Clear, Unmovable Objective Truth.  Where does this leave me, this ahhha moment during mediation?  What do I do? Do I go home to Catholicism?  What do I do?

I think I should start with weekly Mass at St. Peter’s two blocks from my house, one of the oldest churches in NYC, and joining the Legion of Mary to grow in prayer and faith, fellowship. I also should continue to meditate, study metaphysics and related subjects.  I think we do come full circle and often end up back home, which is not a bad place to be really when that home is one that seeks and puts forth objective truth.  The institution is one of people and they are human, so they are not perfect, none of us is, but if they stay the course and maintain that objective truth, never deviate, never be “of the world”, but rather reject things and philosophies “of the world” trends of the world so on and so forth, then it will be a home for truth, for objective scriptural and spiritual truth.  For me in my personal journey this I realize matters a great deal.  I truly believe that Yeshua was the Massiach, and I have to honor that and my firm, strong belief in objective truth, not subjective as the guide for living life well.  I also know from experience that living by whim and subjective truth is not the way to go, it’s just not. 

Shalom and Amen

Authenticity and Narcissism

Emotions and Meaning

Authenticity is the opposite of Narcissism and sadly I am seeing lots of Narcissism in our society, on the Left.  Authenticity says I know I am a child of God, of the creator and i know what gift life is that is given to me, to all of us.  I am aware of my gifts, talents etc..but I know they are a gift from my creator, not something I gave myself.  Authenticity also means you understand, unlike narcissism, that life owes me  nothing, people, governments owe me nothing, God owes me nothing.  If I am given anything, it’s a gift, an opportunity, it’s providence that I helped bring forward by being authentic, not narcissistic.  Authenticity means I understand that I screwed up and will screw up again because like it or not I have an ego and it will rear its’ head not always in a good way.  I have to be self aware, not self conscious, there’s a difference.  Self conscious means I beat myself up for every little mistake and am never comfortable in my own skin, self aware means I am in the moment, in the present and aware of what I need to do, not do and change, am able to objectively see that and change it.  I hope as a society and as individuals we will get a lot more Authentic and way less Narcissistic!

Don’t Think It Strange

Don't Think It Strange.jpg

As I search for community, for unity and oneness, I am at times reminded that oneness with the Creator etc.. is not something can that can come from the outside, but rather it is something that has to come from the inside.  That is why I believe that focusing my coaching on Meditation, Reiki and NLP modalities, as well focusing on meditative prayer and activity as my dear Rebbe and Massiach Yeshua did to activate the healing within, connecting more to nature is the path I need to take.  I hope to begin attending weekly meditation sessions and then by December see about membership, so I can participate in the Reiki healing circle and other such activities.  I am not separate from the world, the universe or God, nature, any of it, though that does not mean being an eco nut, like everything in life, balance okay, balance!! This poem struck a cord with me and so I wanted to share it with you.

Namaste, Shalom and Amen

Life Lesson 24 and 25

45 life Lessons

When life throws us a curve ball, big or small, it hurts, it is frustrating, makes you wanna go “AHHHHHHH” and maybe if you are inclined to a victim mindset spiral into a full brown never ending cycle of kick yourself, why me etc… You could do that, could follow that pattern and we have all had those moments, but hopefully at some point you figure out that it’s not a healthy one long term, so how do you not stay in that pattern? You keep a journey maybe and you ask questions, like “Is there really no healthy alternative?  Is this going to really matter in five or ten years to my life, to those who truly love me?”  ask questions.  Let’s say the answer is “yes it will still impact me in five, ten, twenty years, well you still have choices.   How many people have made major detrimental life choices and then turned it all around, even became pastors who turn lives around and communities around?  Even when the answer to the questions is yes, doesn’t mean doom, doesn’t have to, this is why I love meditating and why I will be going to a buddhist center near me because I see how meditating alone benefits my clarity etc.., so even more so in group.  Does that mean I renounce my belief in Yeshua as my personal Rebbe, Massiach, and an important anchor in my life along with the Bible, no, but I will be looking and studying the Bible through the eyes of metaphysics and philosophy pretty much.  Whatever Fribromyalgia throws at me, there won’t be any screaming, any long term pity party or anything like that.  That’s my choice. 

Social media on the one hand is really a great tool for communicating and so much more, but on the other hand, everyone gets to openly throw eggs at ya, aim and shoot so to speak, so it also means you may find out exactly what people think of you, and it may not be what you expected, could be good or bad.  We can get so busy thinking about what others think of us, wanting their approval, that we don’t work on getting to where we are supposed to be, where we are truly meant to be, who we are truly meant to be.  We need to focus less on what others think and more on what legacy and impression we want to leave for future generations, for our children, grandchildren.  When I see the Left at these rallies with vulgar signs etc.. and their kids carrying those signs, I cringe.  Is that what legacy they are leaving their kids, is that who they truly are?  It really boggles my mind that they would do that to their children, teach that to their children.  They shouldn’t not do things because of what anyone will say, but whatever actions you take, your behavior, has consequences and leaves a legacy, so what will yours be?  What will mine be? Something to ponder.


Would I Try to Change Them?

I love you means

As I see it a relationship is a bout being as One, but also an individual, about acceptance, not saying accepting ill treatment, no.  Just referring to basic acceptance.  The men I have connected to in my life, count them on one hand, whether in the physical, emotional actual realm or through psychic bonding, I have thought about how I would change them, how I wanted them to be different,  There is only one person I have connected to, saw him a bit over week ago by chance, and as I meditated, listened to the 22 Chakra meditation this realization hit.  This is the one person I have no interest in changing, never occurred to me to want to change him if we were to ever come together.  I get the sense he is a bit of a perfectionist, so something that in my mom, in others irritates me, but with this person, I have this sense of I totally accept you, embrace you etc…  Not sure why the difference, and if we never cross paths, never go beyond the psychic link I wont ever likely know why, but whatever the reason, when this person pops into my head and any thought of a potential coming together springs to mind, the word Team comes to me, “As one, yet as individuals”.  I hope that is what life will bring me, this kind of union where I don’t have any sense i want to change who they are, what they might believe in, but rather be firm in who I am and still grow and learn in this life journey with them. 

Shalom and Amen

Where To Go From Here?

lonely evneing road


I have greater clarity after meditating on this that my core spiritual self rejects organized religion with lots of bureaucracy and hypocrisy,  yet I do want community, but I am also not really feeling up to spending the two years or so learning new rituals, a new faith etc.., nothing complicated anyway.   If I look at the threat of my life, the two things that are constant are Metaphysics and Meditation, on my spiritual journey anyway.  Therefor, what do I do now?  Do I just go back to Roman Catholicism just because it’s what I am familiar with? Do I pursue Jewish studies, that faith path, which means a whole new way of living, which in my household with a very Catholic Italian mom is not too easy, add my special diet and all that, gets tricky, very tricky. I firmly believe in God, firmly embrace Yeshua as my Rebbe, my Teacher, all of that, a strong anchor for me, Mashiach.  It comes back to the threat and both are positive ones, they are quite Zen and in meditating, I like to do chakra meditations or a particular type of very easy going exercise while listening to sacred music, instrumental.   I also happen to be a stickler for this quote, even if I have fallen prey now and again to relative morality, not a good thing I assure you. I happen to be a stickler for living up to this: ” A system of morality which is based on relative emotional values is a mere illusion, a thoroughly vulgar conception which has nothing sound in it and nothing true.”, courtesy of Socrates.  I also happen to be a warrior, not one to not say what I have to say and if you don’t like it, not my problem.  What do I do with all this? Oye! 

Like I said I look to the threads.  I need to focus on my wellbeing, releasing the fibromyalfia and some other stuff from my system and life.  The things that help me release, center besides meditating on connection to Yeshua, to Christ, to that anointing are philosophy and meditation, active, not passive meditation.  Therefor, seems to me that I need to find a place near home, which I have that offers Zen meditation, hatha yoga and I can engage in that and as I do the meditating etc… focus on connection to the Trinity, cleansing of self and life, healing in Yeshua.  I will never let go of Yeshua as my personal anchor and Rebbe, nor will I not study scripture independently, but right now I have to focus on my coaching studies, and my health/wellness, so I can have a New Year with a better state of wellness and prepared to be the best Holistic Life/Relationship Coach I can be. 

Shalom and Amen

Spiritual Core of Me


As I embarked on this journey of finding out who I am, the DNA testing and all that and have made a journey that spiritually is like a maize, I am having to really look at what gives me true peace, clarity.  What is it?

The thing that gives me real peace, clarity is meditating, meditating on the metaphysical, metaphysical meditations, meditating on the Kabbalah Tree of Life, certain music and affirmations, doing so in Yeshaua’s name calling on him as my Rebbe, my friend.   That is what gives me peace, clarity, contentment, not religious ceremony or things of that nature, but celebrating the Jewish feasts along with Advent and Christmas as birth and ushering in the new, releasing the old with the help of my personal Rebbe and Friend Yeshua makes a difference.  Am I Jewish, Christian, what?  I am I suppose simply Metaphysical Philosopher with a great love for the Jewish Roots of my personal chosen Rebbe and Mashiach, Yeshua.  That is my path, my journey, so learning more about different techniques of meditation that I would be comfortable with is where I realize my spiritual journey needs to be.  I need to honor that, and to honor what I believe that Yeshua is the Mashiach.  As for a particular denomination, not something I am ready to embrace, but I do have a philosophy, core one, this quote from Socrates, sums it up well.
“A system of morality which is based on relative emotional values is a mere illusion, a thoroughly vulgar conception which has nothing sound in it and nothing true.”

I need to stay true to this and a few other core principles, including a few key proverbs http://www.beliefnet.com/faiths/christianity/galleries/10-proverbs-to-simplify-your-life.aspx  I will be able to live a healthy and abundant life.