Why Was He Asked to Separate?

When I was recently reading how God told Abraham to separate from the world he was in, it stuck with me.  In life there are decisions to be made if we align with the light and the holy or the dark and unholy.  We see many these days aligning with the dark and unholy.  Physically […]

I Am Not Gone

As I read this poem I came across a few things came to mind.  I thought of all those we have lost to war, to illness etc.. and was encouraged by those who had embraced Christ, embraced moral ethical boundaries and truths of Scripture.  I also had sadness for those that had not, those that […]

Bright Star

I came across this prayer and wanted to share it with you, caught my eye.  I thought about what kind of flame do we want to be, those of us the are in faith, of faith, that know the Spirit of God can live within us, burn bright within us.  I also have started to think, […]

Meet and Greet

September 1, 2020, 1 pm Meet and Greet Join me for a brief presentation on Clarity some music related to the theme, brief meditation, spiritual non denominational, and Q&A.  It will be on fb live via my kappello inspiration page.  Hope to see you there. Bless

Legalism or Relationship and Boundaries

When we are looking at life, as people of faith and I use the bible because that is what I am familiar with and the path I choose.  When you are deciding how to live life, govern, manage etc..one has as a Christian for example one has two paths that are possible in making decisions, […]

A Bond So Pure

This is one my latest pieces.  There are those that from the first moment you cross paths with, there is an instant flow, connection, beautiful thing.  Not even a sexual thing, something that inspires you, they inspire you to move forward with your gifts, talents etc.., an inspirational bond.  Those are the most beautiful.  Enjoy.

The Dark Night

We are consciousness, spirit, soul, breath inhabiting a physical temple, physical home for a time.  When life keeps hitting us with stuff, we can easily get lost in the events, in the pain etc.. When we lose that part of us that can empathize, can flow with our gifts, talents, and may walk around numb, unable to […]

All Points of Wellness

One thing that is clear to anyone with a spiritual inclination, making that journey is that we are not just a blog of cells and chemicals. We are also consciousness, ability to choose, go beyond basic instinct and much more.  Unfortunately our structures political, and other wise, including our healthcare does not always reflect that […]

Another Birthday, Another Reflection

Yesterday was my birthday, my 55th birthday and I asked myself what I wanted in life.  I wasn’t quite sure what to strive for in the next year.  Then I saw this and I realized this is what I aim for.  Without peace, we have nothing. Peace, inner peace is the greatest gift we can […]

I Wander Through

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