Birthday Reflection

Today is my birthday, my 54th birthday and I keep feeling in my heart, spirit and soul that call to ministry, to artistic and spiritual wellness/meditation ministry. For a number of reasons, I wish I had understood this a heck of a lot sooner in life, but instead of a straight line to my calling, […]

Inspiration or Dictation

If you see this picture, inspiring, I think so and that is what made me choose it, but someone else might choose something else as inspiriting.  When God decided to pen his Holy Scriptures, the Bible, he understood this and he understood a few other things.  He understood personality, style, perspective, cultural experience.  What does […]

Glad To Have This Time

  I very much enjoy sharing with all of you my journey and these reflections on life. Fibromyalgia makes you think about what you used to do and how things were, though I don’t do it often, get into that “I used to be such an avid walked.” The “used to” mode. At times it […]

Life Lesson 34 and 35

When people think of miracles, they often think of Fourth of July spectacular something or the religious mystic type stuff.  We think of them in terms of ancient myth, something that is hocus pocus.  Here is the thing, if we don’t believe in miracles, in the impossible, then we have no science, no music, no […]

Curiosity and Authenticity

Why do we often go gaga over kids, think they are adorable?  After all, they can be like a tornado in your home, but yet we often think they are precious, adorable etc… Part of that is because they have that sense of wonder, of curiosity about life, people, self, they are inquisitive, though at […]

Life Lesson 7 and 8 When we laugh, when we cry, doing so alone can sometimes be necessary, but how cathartic is it when we cry with others who can truly understand and empathize with the pain etc.. we are experiencing.  Crying alone is not where the healing happens because at times we may not even realize why […]

Yes, I Am Worthy As I read this I thought wow a lot fo it, that’s me, that’s where I am at, and what I have come to understand.  I tell myself daily to get over it, whatever it is, and get moving with life, with living, being a warrior for inspiration, all that.  I realize time […]

Collapse and Rebirth? Today I had to go for a bone density test and MRI of both knees, and it took two yours total, and the MRI of my knees not comfy as I have lower back issues to having to be there on my back and not move for an hour was very uncomfy.   How […]

Why Feedback Matters. Number One Music allows me to send outa newsletter every 10 days and I recently sent one out and here are a few of the messages I have received. Carolina:   “I never get bored this tune Even In The Greatest Storm. I love this tune so much and Thanks for producing this track.” […]

Why Lifetime of Coaching for…. Most Life Coaches etc… are charging anywhere from $50 an hour to $10,00 an hour and they will argue that if you don’t charge a lot then you don’t value yourself and others won’t value you either.  That might be true, but I am choosing not to think that way. How am I thinking? […]