Traded Me In

The 6 pm Univision nightly news had a poll asking viewers did they feel the spirit of Christmas and the response was sad to behold because I believe about 55% said no they didn’t.  When I read this poem and thought about the fact that I had been running around for medical tests and have […]

We don’t always like what we feel, and we can wish we could always feel the love as they say.  That’s not realistic, not life.  In life we are going to hear stuff we don’t like, even from those closest to us when they dish out tough love, and we are going to see stuff […]

Feeling Like A Clown?

I talked previously about people not being supportive.  It can go even beyond that.   When you have started to reach for that star, for that amazing dream, and if it is something that others feel might leave them out in any way, they may actually start to treat you like you are a villian, […]

Sins of Fear and Worry

We all know about the major “sins”, but the truest sins are those denoting lack of faith in a positive outcome, or the outcome that is meant to be best for all and that is a truly grave sin.   Often one does not move on a dream in a particular area of life, in […]