Hypersensitivity, Oy!

Yesterday I get a call from my gastroenterologist about the result of my BRAVO test, trying to figure out my acid reflex and all that even though I am on two meds, and watch what I eat.  The conclusion reached is hypersensitivity of the digestive system due to the fibromyalgia, so now with medication,  until we can figure […]

Trust In …..?

Parenting is a tough job, often not appreciated at all, or if there is appreciation, it’s in spurts.  Then you have the added layers of all the stuff youth is exposed to, and all the subjective, do as you please and let everyone do as they please, so long as you have happy happy happy, […]

Checking In Meditation

This meditation is one to help you check in with yourself, really see where you are at, where your emotions, thoughts are, an awareness because without awareness there can be no resolution, no action, no attitude adjustment. 

Collapse and Rebirth?

https://www.fiverr.com/kappellocoach https://katherineappello.bandcamp.com Today I had to go for a bone density test and MRI of both knees, and it took two yours total, and the MRI of my knees not comfy as I have lower back issues to having to be there on my back and not move for an hour was very uncomfy.   How […]

What Was The Actual Deception?

There are not a lot of specifics in the Eden narrative in the Bible and we are left to wonder what was, is the core lie that Satan told, tells humanity, which led them to be disconnected from God, from the realm of heaven and thus lose their immortal soul, to have to have God […]

The Past Paid A Visit

I had a dream and that dream was of one who was a major part of my past. I had not really thought of them for a while, but I guess there are those who touch our lives so deeply, have such an impact for good or not, or a mixed bag, but so deeply […]

What Makes Friendship Unbreakable

Friendship, a beautiful thing.  There are friendships that last a lifetime.  What makes that possible.  I have been thinking about that, about what would make a friendship that is really deep and would last a life time.  First thing I think is a similar worldview, shared values, some synchronicity and synergy.  What else, is that […]

Why Hasn’t My Meditation, Prayer Worked?

I have been creating meditations for myself for the longest time, affirmations etc.., but so far, not really yielded the results I would have hoped, so what gives?  I am studying Coaching and the first course is How to Coach Yourself, so one of the assignments is a meditation and as I looked at it […]

Ask and Ye Shall Receive, OK

https://www.concertwindow.com/187147-kappelloarts https://katherineappello.bandcamp.com Many of the things that have occurred with friend, family I have foreseen in my dreams, even stuff with my own life.  I have asked always the Creator of our amazing universe etc.. to lead me home spiritually, to show me where I am to be, and I admit I have a strong rebellious […]

Impulsiveness or Intuition?

It can be easy to confuse Impulsiveness and Intuition, but they are not the same.  One comes from our Ego, the other from a different place.  I hope this helps with a better understanding of that.