Jewish People Must Become Evangelists

The more I learn about Judaism, the Pentateuch requirements etc.. of Messiah, the more I study Kabbalah and the more I see Israel under attack and anti-semitism on the rise, the more I feel the need for Judaism, Moderate Conservative Judaism, and Practical Zionism backed by History to be brought out to the masses and […]

The Mess Created By Abraham

Don’t get me wrong, I am very grateful for the Covenant God made with Abraham, in regards to Isaac, Israel and on down, as all who accept the one God are part of it.  However, he did make a bit of mess of things.  How did he do that? It finally dawned on me after […]

Reject To Justify I have been trying to figure out why someone I knew had become caught up in a world that was not his and was in a sense throwing Israel and his own world constantly under the bus, while defending Palestine and always posting about the arab and persian culture as if that was his […]

What Zionism Means to Me

When people think Israel, you can get a range of reactions and the same for Zionism.  Often what people know about Israel is distorted by the liberal left or in some ways even perhaps by the way conservative right.  All of this does a great disservice to Israel, the Jewish people, democracy and the world. […]

Goals for September

September -October 2014  Goals: 1. Be Myself and chase after no one.  If people love me, truly love me then they know where I am. 2. Keep blogging etc… 2. Ge moving on organizing fundraising for Israel 3. Record new material to put out on Tunecore 4. See royalties start coming in from my artistic […]

Supporting Israel Update Update First, you can help by purchasing the e-book and spreading the word so others purchase it, as a percentage of my sales will go to organizations that help Israel, such as America United with Israel.  Purchasing my e-book would help.  Also, I am a rep for Forever Living Products, Kosher and Organic certified. […]