The Ultimate Tool You’ve Been Missing

Right now, it seems everyone is talking about meditation. And at this point, you probably know you should be doing it. You’ve heard the neuroscience behind it; you’ve read the articles about the countless benefits. Maybe you’ve even dabbled with free mindfulness apps or a drop-in studio. But now that we know for sure it’s […]

Faith Leaders and Accountability, How? Part of the faith journey is meant to get you to a place of wellness, to guide you and society.  Faith leaders are meant to set forth scripturally correct principles to get you there, to guide you on the journey.  What the heck is happening?  What’s happening is that Eden is alive and well.  People […]

Parental Authority

When kids or anyone sees they can push buttons, ahhh, that’s the beginning of the end.  Parents take stock and see if any or all of these things are happening in your household.  If they are, then you are setting them up for a life of negative patterns, which is not what as a parent […]

Doing What Needs Doing

I find that the Holy Spirit speaks often to me, gives me flash of insights as to what to do, as to possibilities for different situations etc.. and I then have one that I sense is the best option based on long term goals and keeping alignment to my faith. I see where my parish […]

What’s Needed To “Take Charge”?

  A lighthouse is a beacon, a clear signal in the dark, in the storm, can’t miss it, can’t mistake it for anything else, so it is a perfect symbol I think for a leader, in any capacity.  Having said that, lets make one thing clear, the beacon won’t save you magically from the storms […]