The Ultimate Tool You’ve Been Missing

Right now, it seems everyone is talking about meditation. And at this point, you probably know you should be doing it. You’ve heard the neuroscience behind it; you’ve read the articles about the countless benefits. Maybe you’ve even dabbled with free mindfulness apps or a drop-in studio. But now that we know for sure it’s […]

Who Do We Need?

Who do we need, besides our Creator, Yahweh of course?  Since we live in a physical world we need people, need each other, but what team of people do we need, should we have around us to thrive and succeed, realize our full potential, to guide us there?  I have thought about my life, dreams that […]

True Learning, Bill of Rights, huh?

In the days of yore, there was a thing called learning, education and we had something called the Bill of Rights, not sure if anyone remembers the days of yore.  Education if one were to take it down to curriculum alone is to gain knowledge and such, but in days past those things were simply […]

Confusing Jesus and Woodstock, OY!

The modern church and it can be seen in a number of denominations, or in leaders within denominations, including Roman Catholic, this redefining of Jesus, of the New Testament, of the core message etc..  How did they manage to screw it up?  It went New Age, this notion of line in the sand right or […]

Part II Know Thyself

Part II of Know Thyself.  To know yourself through Holy Spirit, that wisdom and guidance is a beautiful thing that can bring clarity and peace.

Context In Faith Matters

Click to access TX002208-1-content-Catholic_Biblical_Interpretation.pdf I have also looked into  You can take the courses for your own personal development, or take the quizes and receive a certificate. I was on twitter and got into discussion with atheists, we started discussing America’s heritage, I pointed stuff out, our history, national anthem, last stanza what it says, […]

Context Is Everything

When youth is taught that science and Catholicism are not compatible because the faith rejects science they are out of context in that view because well it is out of context.  How is that out of context? Let’s see. First of all, the Bible is not meant to be a book about science, though it […]

Stirred to Clarify, So Here Goes!

Often Protestants will get all in a huff about the Catholic Bible having seven more books and sacraments such as Confession, the Pope, Magisterium, all that stuff, saying it’s not in the Bible, the devils work, all made made stuff that Catholics follow. I could try and get into all of it in one shot, […]

Ladders, In Life and Spirit

Majestic isn’t it, the soaring bird, eagles wide spread, clear skies, beautiful picture.  Isn’t that what we all year for.  Genesis 28:10-22 would seem to tell us, yes. Let’s look at this passage.  Jacob has a dream about a ladder, wrestling, and then there is transformation after wrestling with an angel, God, something that changed […]

Biblical Reflection for Today

Today we look at Acts 1: 12-14 and the Gospel John 17:1-11 and these questions are good ones to ask ourselves, to reflect on in context of sacred scripture as guide. What are the objects of exercise of Christ’s authority? Why does this matter in our understanding of Christ, spirituality and living life? What state […]